01/06/11 WOD

We have another one!  Happy Birthday Joni.   I couldn’t get Ben to get me an embarrassing photo, I need to pull out the old Morgan High yearbook.  This one’s for you!


Dips- 5 sets of max reps

Advanced- 1 Muscle-up, then at top of MU 5 dips x 5

Learning Dips- 5 sets of static holds for max time



4 Rounds

AMRAP in 4 min of:

8 Hang Power Snatch- 75m/55w

12 Slam Balls- 30m/20w

24 Double Unders

* Rest 1 minute b/t Rounds


MOBILITY WOD– 12/29/10 post


01/05/10 WOD Results


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23 thoughts on “01/06/11 WOD

  1. Joni, when i grow up i hope to be just like you. You are my idol 🙂 No really, you are amazing and SOO sweet at the same time! Thanks for your example, you are great! I hope your birthday is wonderful!!

  2. Happy Birthday sexy lady!! I think you are one of the main reasons women join crossfit. (because we all wanna look like you!!) I truly believe you are the whole package; strong, beautiful and NICE!!! Make sure to have a great day!!

  3. Happy Birthday girl! You are amazing and I too want to be you when I grow up! I love when I get to work out with you, you are inspiring and so sweet!

  4. Joni Happy B-Day from your fellow Morganites! You were one of the first people I seen when I started CrossFit and I hardly recognized it was you because you have changed so much – in a good way of course being so fit and strong! You helped me with my first muscle-up and you are always so much fun to be around – have a great special day!

  5. Happy Birthay Joni! I love you and am so inspired by you everyday. You are the ultimate example of a strong beautiful woman! Keep up the good work.

  6. O, Joni you are my idol, I love you! Strong, beautiful, nice, inspiring, uplifting, smart, talented, courageous, athletic, insiteful, daring, graceful, forgiving, outgoing, thoughtful, charismatic, Undaunted, giving, optimistic, resourcful, courteous, helpful, friendly, funny, and these words don’t even do you justice! I want to be you! And on top of that you get half the money and all the —–! It’s just not fair.Ok, I’m going to go cry now! Happy Birthday!

  7. Joni,

    Feliz Cumpleanos chica… “chica” is sexy don’t you think? You look FAB. You know everyone writes such mushy stuff…I’ll be different. We love you and secretly kinda hate you too but only because your so damn cute and fit , mostly because you can do a muscle up and we can’t.

    Strong women are the only kind that can hang at Xfit, I’m glad your part of the group 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Joni! Enjoy your day! Eat those cupcakes because I hear they’re great carboloading food… Well that’s what I tell myself anyways. Booya Team Night Fury!

  9. Happy Birthday Joni!! I can only agree with what has already beed said (by Gary in most detail) but all are so spot on!! Aaron and I hope you have an amazing birthday and that you get all the good things that life brings to people who are so nice/strong/beautiful both inside and out!! Wish Big – you deserve it 😛

  10. Joni girl….as you well know you are crossfit famous!!! We all love you and of course want to be you!!! But truly how lucky we are to be around someone who lifts us up and inspires us. Hope you have the best Birthday ever!!!! Love ya lots

  11. You’re all WAY too nice and totally made my day!! I’m so glad Lindsay brought CF to the Club…I remember our first class we did a Tabata WOD in the hall upstairs with maybe 8 of us. Now there’s not enough room on the board for everyone to write their score!! We have such an amazing group of athlete’s! I feel privileged to workout with all of you everyday! Thanks for making me who I am today… CF has forever changed my life!

  12. Joni:

    I believe I failed to wish you a happy birthday and for that I am greatly sorry. I hope you had a wonderful day, your WOD kicked my butt (along with Stacie’s tortuous warm? up). I hope you have a swinging good time tonight with the girls!

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