01/08/11 WOD


In teams of 2 you will complete,

3 Rounds for Max Reps of:

Wall Ball- 20m/14w

SDHP- 75m/55w

Box Jumps- 20″

Push Press- 75m/55w



This is fight gone bad with burpees instead of row.  You will have 1 minute/ exercise, there will be no 1 minute break after each round, for a total of 15 minutes.  This is one of the workouts we did at the New Years Day Throwdown.  It was a lot of fun, good luck!


I want to remind all of the runners we have at crossfit we will be holding a Crossfit Endurance workout every Saturday at 10:30am.  We would like to add more of these classes into the week in the near future.  It’s to cold to run outside come run with us!


Today’s workout will show up at least once a month.   I encourage you to run a 5k during the week, for time, to see just how fast your pace is.  For today’s workout, I want everyone to try the workout at an 8:30min/mile pace or less.  Challenge yourself.   This is an amazing workout to test you foot pull skills.  You cannot maintain this pace or grade with improper form, such as a “heel strike”.  Correct form is crucial.  It is a difficult one, but you can do anything for 4 minutes! 
Group warm-up
Review of running drills, correct posture and form.

    “Tabata Treadmill Workout” 
Set the treadmill to a 12% grade.  Maintain a 0-30 sec slower pace than your best 5k.  20 seconds of effort with 10 seconds of rest for 8 cycles.  All out effort.  Do not reduce the grade or speed.  Fast foot pull is essential. 


01/07/10 WOD Results



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