01/10/11 WOD

Because of the wide variety of people we have at CFTC, we are going to be adding a few things to the programming.  As a trainer providing a good conditioning program is easy.  Your session usually consists of a warm-up, a briefing on the workout, a review of the movements/technique and then we are ready to go.  For the hour time frame we have that template is perfect. 

The focus of the class has always been on the WOD and trying to add an effective strength training before the WOD just isn’t good enough.  We all tend to get stuck in our head if we are not flopping around on the ground after a workout then it wasn’t good enough.  Remember the 10 general physical skills for complete fitness are; Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.  In the past we have lacked in some of these areas.

For the large majority of everyone at CFTC following the regular WOD’s should be your number one goal.  You will get comfortable with weightlifting by following the WOD’s, we will still have all the barbell movements programmed into those workouts.  Being strong makes everything better but 1) we don’t want to make sessions longer and 2) we don’t want to force those who don’t like strength training to do something they don’t want to do or are not ready to do.

For those that want to take their strength training to the next level we are going to program an Optional Strength day that involves a higher volume of strength work then what we have done in the past.  The Optional Strength portion will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to complete.  All the optional strength will be done on your own.  The format for the regular classes will not change.  If you plan on doing the optional strength, do it off to the side.  The class has priority to equipment and space.  The first phase of the Optional Strength will be on an eight week cycle.  It is important if you miss a day to go back and complete that day before moving on.  The Optional Strength days for the first eight weeks will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

The movements in the strength days will be repetitive presses, squats, deadlifts, and supplemental work for these major movements.  All of the movements will go off of your one rep max.  It will read like this, percentage first, reps second.  With this additional work you need to be careful of over training, sometimes more is not better.  Rest is just as important as working hard.  If there are any questions on how to add this into your daily routine (work days/rest days) just ask me.  Post to comments any questions or concerns.



Clean- find 1 RM

Bench Press- find 1 RM

*Rest 5-10 minutes after last attempt then,

For Time:

2000 Meter Row






Day 1

1.  Power Clean- 50/5, 60/5, 65/5, 70/3, 70/3

2.  Clean High Pulls (Clean Max)- 45/5, 52/3,  52/3

3.  Back Squat- 45/10, 50/10, 55/8, 60/8, 60/8

4.  Back Extension- 2 x 10

5.  Strict Pull-ups- 3 x 10


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9 thoughts on “01/10/11 WOD

  1. Ok, I’m digging this strength cycle. This is definitely an area of CrossFit I could use some improvement on. Thanks Lindsay for taking more time out of your schedule to program this on top of the daily WOD’s.

  2. Does a trainer have to be present? I’d like to come back and do them in the evening but I saw some sign that said you can’t work out without a trainer there. Also if I have 2 hours to spend, would you recommend doing the WOD first or the strength programming 1st?
    I’d also like to make fun of Dirk somehow with my next comment but I’m at work and I just don’t have time so if someone else could do that, I’d appreciate it.
    Love you all,
    Scot Austin Wahlquist I.

  3. Personally I am happy when I am NOT flopping around like a crossfit fishy so yeah to those who want to gain more strength- more power to ya!

    I want to shout out for those of us just happy with the regular WOD and keeping our strength and flexibility for health. Thanks Lindsay for seeing the need for both 🙂

  4. Scott C….I FINALLY got all your shirts done!!!! I’ll call your Bishop and tell him….your coming back!!!! Sorry Scot W….after watching Dirk throwing those weights around this morning…I’m just going to stay out of his way! He did have a strange little thingy after each lift with his thumbs pointing in to his chest…what was that all about???

  5. I love this idea, can’t wait til i can try it! In about 8 weeks when everyone has been through the entire cycle, i expect you all to do it again with me! As for now, i will keep rowing. and rowing. and rowing. and maybe do some good mornings 🙂

  6. Scot, because we have no doors on our space people there has been people abusing the system (noncrossfitters) that means everyone has to suffer to be able to keep track. So we can’t allow people to be back there without a trainer their. A lot of those movements can be done in a regular weight room sitting. Second, I would recommend if you have the time to do the strength movements in the morning and come back in the evenings to do the wod’s. More rest between the better. If you can’t afford that much time out of you day, strength first, wod second. I wouldn’t do that all the time though you very easily could start to overtrain and start breaking down your body to much. Listen to your body if you are tired all the time and normal weight you have been doing starts feeling very heavy, REST! I know that is a new concept to some of you guys but so impotant.

  7. One thing I would also like to mention on the strength aspect. On the section where it says 3 sets of 10 strict pullups. If three sets of 10 is to easy, add weight by using a weight belt, same goes for the back extension. Remember – to get stronger, the strength aspect of this program has to be just as intense, if not more intense, than the daily WOD.

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