01/19/11 WOD

Get ready, the challenge starts today!  Autumn cleaning out the junk from her house.  Autumn I know you couldn’t eat all that but Dustin could.


5 Rounds for time of:

10 Wall Climbs

10 Toes to bar

20 Box Jumps- 24″


MOBILITY WOD– 01/18/11 post




Day 2

1.  Dead lift- 50/5, 62/4, 67/4, 72/3, 72/3

2.  Shoulder Press- 65/4, 70/4, 75/4, 75/4

3.  Good Mornings (clean max)- 42/10, 55/8


01/18/11 WOD Results


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13 thoughts on “01/19/11 WOD

  1. So I woke up and seen the WOD and thought, “This doesn’t look so bad; kind of an easy day.” Well, then I learned what wall climbs were – holy crap they worked me over! Nice job Lindsay – we all knew it was just a matter of time for you to come up with some twisted way to use your new “Wall-of-Pain”! Seriously though, those were awesome – excellent workout!

  2. Okay Lindsey what exactly are wall climbs…please explain. I can’t even come tonight but I still want to know for next time. Does it have something to do with the wall that was going up on the east side last week?

  3. For all of you on the 30 day clean eating challenge my wife has started a new blog with new recipes everyday. We have been eating pretty close to Paleo for about a year now and the benefits are amazing and the food can taste great too! http://thecavewomanskitchen.com/
    Oh and by the way she started crossfit today!!! Wa HOOO!

  4. Is that picture part of the video daily double? I think I’ve got it……. “Who are people that will now be having the lamest super bowl party’s in the world?”

  5. Autumn don’t lie…. That came from your pantry…!!!! I saw u sneaking a bite this morning, cheater!!!! Lyndsie she lost already

  6. Tina,
    You can see video athttp://www.crossfit.com/ The Jan 8th post, check out their times on that workout!
    Yeah, right Autumn I have seen dustin eat at parties, now I know why.

  7. It’s the truth…that crap is back in the break room at our salon practically everyday!!! Autumn is way too disciplined to eat it though. She has her caveman food handy always. And I freaking hate, hate, hate more than any other exercise in crossfit, HATE WALL CLIMBS!!! I held back on the swearing cause I know my son will read this…

  8. Biggest swearword day of all time for me…hopefully under my breath as I’m working my way down that friggin wall!!!! Wow..that was about as hard as I’ve done in a long time.

  9. Its really sad (maybe a little sick and twisted) that i am SUPER sad i missed doing wall climbs!! I watched you all in agony and thought, those look fun!! Can’t wait til i can participate in them!

  10. That was one of the most challenging WODs I’ve ever done. I am frankly astounded I did not get a DNF because after round 1 I was ready to give up.

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