01/20/11 WOD

Day 1 down!  How do you feel, hungry?  Think of it as a detox period.  Dinner at the Hassell home.  Receipt for dressing, just like Ranch 😉

1/2 c tomatoes

lime juice

1/2 red bell pepper


1 stalk celery

2T. almond butter

2 dates

Here is another great site for meal ideas.  www.everydaypaleo.com   Try the salsa dancing chicken.




For Time:

Newport Beach Crippler

30 Back Squats- 225m/125w

Run 1 mile

*Scale weight as needed, post weight used on white board.


MOBILITY WOD– 01/19/11 post


01/19/11 WOD Results



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10 thoughts on “01/20/11 WOD

  1. After seeing your dinner for the night, and the bottles behind it, just wondering if you squeeze a little formula into that dressing.

  2. There has been some questions about sweeteners. In this 30 day challenge Aguave is out! Read your info on the hand out. Remember if there is a questions usually the answer is always no!

  3. The results are in! The 6am class Self-Appointed Judges are Chase, Rowdy, and myself. The two topics we voted on are:

    1) Would we rather watch Bitty and Sherrie do today’s extra-close & personal mobility 2-person stretches or watch Travis and Spencer do the 2-person stretches? It was unanimous – we would MUCH rather watch Bitty and Sherrie.

    2) Should Kurt B and Julie B get a room or somewhere more private for these 2-person mobility stretches next time? It was unanimous – they most certainly took these streches to a new level and should probably be somewhere a little more private in the future. Not sure what stretches they were doing, but I am pretty sure my “Adult-Guard” on Dishnetwork would have blocked it out (totally kidding you two – you are so much fun!).

    You 6am’ers crack us up – Keylee and I are still laughing about all the funny comments this morning. Even about Rowdy’s comment that would be best found on a website that requires you to be 18 or older and wants to charge you after teasing you with a few free pages first!

  4. FUNNY Justin…my kids better not see your comment…they will throw-up! We weren’t doing anything Trevor and Spencer weren’t doing!???? That is a little wierd I guess!

  5. For the record – I renounce myself from being any type of judge in any CF class for anything. And from now on – like Sherrie said – I will keep my “thoughts” to myself.

    Mr. & Mrs. Boyer please accept my apology.
    Trevor & Spencer – still weird – only kidding!

  6. Sounds like I really missed out at the 6am class this morning! 🙂 Scott was pretty red faced while teaching us those stretches at 9am. ha ha.

  7. Oh MANNNNNN….Youy guys are killin’ me! LOL….hilarious! Rowdy, you only have to keep your thoughts to yourself, when your….oh wait…nevermind….yah, just keep them to yourself 😉 LOL

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