01/21/11 WOD


Can you tell which graph depicts the heart rate of a 3-mile “all-out” bike sprint and which represents 150 wall-ball shots? The June issue of the CrossFit Journal, “What about cardio?,” explores non-traditional modes of “cardio” training and their potential advantages.  DIDN’T DO ANY CARDIO TODAY, HUH?





Clean & Jerk

*Choose heaviest load possible.  Touch and Go only, a re-grip or a dump is a foul.  Rest between sets only.


Optional Strength Cylce 1

Week 2

Day 3

1.  Hang Squat Clean- 60/4, 60/4, 60/4

2.  Bench Press- 55/8, 65/8, 70/6, 75/6, 77/6, 77/6

3.  DB Bentover Row (clean max)- 25/8, 37/8, 37/8


 MOBILITY WOD– 01/20/11 post


01/20/11 WOD Results




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