01/22/11 WOD

Katy and Jeff enjoying crossfit in Hawaii.  There is no better community to belong to no matter where you go.


In teams of 2 you will complete,

For Time:

140 Burpees

120 Anchored Sit-ups

100 KB Swings- 53m/35w

80 Pull-ups

60 Weighted OH Walking Lunge- 45m/25w



*Review running drills


“5-30 seconds”

3 Rounds of:

5 seconds on 10 seconds off

10 sec on 10 sec off

20 sec on 10 sec off

30 sec on 10 sec off

15 sec on 10 sec off

25 sec on 10 sec off

* All out efforts, maintain fast foot pull.


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5 thoughts on “01/22/11 WOD

  1. Our CrossFit endurance class can help EVERYONE learn to run with better form. It is a free class to all CrossFit members. Running is essential to CrossFit workouts. Having better running form won’t make you love to run, but it will make your WOD times better. Just a thought…

  2. Here’s my thought… The class is exceptionally well taught and really has helped me improve my running. In addition, The WODs are helping me build up my endurance, especially after doing the saturday WOD. I am surprised that not more people are taking advantage of this…

  3. Sue, we hold the endurance classes every Saturday at 10:30, I hate to run, but crossfit endurance and pose have helped me a ton. Take advantage of these classes.

  4. I would love to learn some pose method running! I’m playing basketball on Saturdays at that time after regular wods for another month but I will be coming after that.

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