01/25/11 WOD

Tyson you okay with this?  Scott looks like he is having to much fun.




For Time:


15 Dead lifts- 250m/205w

25 Box Jumps- 30″

50 Pull-ups

100 Wall Balls- 20m/14w (10′)

200 Double Unders

Run 400 Meters w/ 45m/25w lb plate

*This is a hero workout not very easy, make sure you scale as needed.


MOBILITY WOD– 01/22/11 post


*For everyone that is on the 30 day clean eating challenge, I will need to have your journals by Friday the 28th.  You can email them to me at www.crossfittheclub@hotmail.com

Let us know how you are feeling.  Have you ripped your husband/wife face off from lack of sugar!?  Do you feel better during workouts?  We have had a lot of people admit to cheating this weekend, stay strong only  24 more days.


01/24/11 WOD Results

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9 thoughts on “01/25/11 WOD

  1. No cheating here. It has been difficult, but I felt pretty good today, as did a few other people I talked to. I think I’m over the initial hump.

  2. I am ready to draw first blood. Somehow clean eating puts me in a pissy mood. Other than that it’s great and I’m sticking to it .

  3. I struggled this weekend!!! I was surprised at how hard social settings were for me to eat clean. I did it..no cheating. I feel good, headaches. I drank a ton of water and the headaches went away the next day. I was dehydrated. So if your having headaches drink a ton of h2o,

  4. I was just been feeling so sorry for myself and like there was nothing fun to look forward to! But wow, I am starting to feel much better and can’ t wait to go shopping for more vegetables tomorrow for the 4th time since we started this challenge. No cheating tho, I’ve spent too much $$ on all this shiz to blow it!

  5. Loads of headaches throughout the day….ohh to visit the work fridge and grab “the nectar of life”…diet mountain dew. I will try and pound some more H2O throughout the day and see how I feel. So far so good though.

  6. Felt like crap the first 3 or 4 days, headaches, tired, hungry. Yesterday and today I have felt awesome!! Loads of energy and finally not hungry all the time!! It was seriously tough, but I made it through the weekend without cheating too.

  7. Thought I was doing great until last night when I literally had a dream that I bought giant bags of almond joys and M&M’s and went to town! I guess sugar has been on my mind more than I thought. Feeling good and still haven’t cheated.

  8. Quick props to Sherrie Fazzio for her impressive, never quit, never surrender attitude today. 10′ wall balls, and all HSPU’s were Rx. Straight up AWESOME! Also to all you 30 Day Challenge athletes… Keep on going strong. Once you’re over that hump, you’ll start reaping the rewards. You feel better, you’ll have more energy, cardio will start to improve… The list goes on and on. Well I’m out! Got a roast turkey with yams, broccoli, carrots, onions, and mushrooms calling my name.

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