01/26/11 WOD

Paleo Captain Crunch- strawberries, blueberries, Rasberries and almond slivers add some coconut milk or almond milk just like captain crunch!



For Time:


Commando Push-ups

Anchored Wall Ball Sit-ups


50 KB Snatch

Recommended Weight

Level I- 26m/15w

Level II- 35m/26w

Level III- 53m/35w


MOBILITY WOD– 01/23/11 post



Week 3

Day 2

1.  Dead lift- 70/3, 75/3, 80/3, 80/3

2.  Shoulder Press- 52/4, 60/4, 62/4, 65/3

3.  SLDL (clean max)- 45/8, 52/8, 57/8


01/25/11 WOD Results

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5 thoughts on “01/26/11 WOD

  1. Yea, what are commando pushups? Sounds like it has something to do with BrittneySpears– Ha ha ha

    Props to all of you nuts that did the WOD yesdterday, I looked at it and simply said “NOPE, I’d rather paint”…so I did 🙂

    That paleo cap’n crunch looks pretty good … and I’m not even doing the challenge

  2. Brook and Tina – Commando pushups are staying in plank position the whole time while alternating going down on each elbow then going back up on your hands at the top of your pushup position again. Start at the top of your pushup position then go down on your right elbow (or left elbow) then go down on your left elbow (or right elbow) then go back to the top of your pushup position by going up on your right hand first (or left) then back up on your left hand (or right hand); then repeat. Be sure to get a blue mat to save your elbows!

    1. No thats not what a commando push-up is. You make sure to not wear any underwear under your shorts and you are going commando, then do a push-up. I apologize to everyone for that wod, wanted to take it easy on ya because of Tuesdays workout.

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