01/29/11 WOD


In teams of 2 you will complete;

AMRAP in 6 min

15 Push-ups

15 Knees to Elbow


* Rest 4 minutes


AMRAP in 8 min

8 Hang Cleans-  135m/85w

12 1-Arm KB/DB Push Press- 53m/35w


*Rest 2 min


AMRAP in 10 minutes

Run 310 Meters (2 laps)

20 Pull-ups



Group Warm-up @10 after
Review of Running Drills


4 x 5 min
Run 4x5min intervals w/3min recovery between rounds.  Hold maximal distance possible on each of the 5 min rounds.  Maintain cadence.



01/28/11 WOD Results

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