02/04/11 WOD

Can’t wait until summer!


For Time:

Run 2 miles

Find Max Snatch

*20 minute cut-off, better move quick.

MOBILITY WOD– 01/27/11 post


Week 4

Day 3

1.  Front Squat- 42/4, 55/5, 62/3, 65/3, 65/3, 65/3

2.  Bench Press- 55/5, 65/5, 72/5, 80/4, 80/4, 80/4 67/Burnout   (if you get more then 12 reps, move 1RM up 5lbs)

3.  Weighted Pull-ups- 5 x 3

Anyone that is interested in attending the Fitness Elevated Competition this weekend, the heat schedules are posted.  Click here for link.  We will still be holding our regular scheduled crossfit classes Saturday morning.  The Crossfit Endurance class at 10:30am will be cancelled.


02/03/11 WOD Results

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5 thoughts on “02/04/11 WOD

  1. Tell me about it! I’d kill to do “Bar Appreciation” in the hot sun right about now. How sick is that?! Done with winter… Bring on summer!

  2. K i’m a total nerd but we are going to watch tomorrow and wanted to make sure we see everyone so here is our workup of the schedule if you’re curious 🙂

    830am Chase, Maurizio 2 mi Run
    830am Marie Frun
    837am Sherrie Frun
    851am Autumn, Chris P Frun
    858am Lindsay, Scott, Tony, Tori 2 mi Run
    905am Julie B Frun
    919am Chase Frun
    940am All Women 2 mi Run
    940am Maurizio Frun
    954am Lindsay Frun
    1008am Scott Frun
    1015am Tony, Tori Frun
    Still waiting on Jacie and her heats..
    Thats the morning schedule! Looks like lots of FREE entertainment to me!! Good luck to you all, you will all do great and i’m sure you women who got new outfits and tans will LOOK great as well! 🙂
    (PS if i made a mistake feel free to correct me, this was just my own little scheduling plan!)

  3. BTW, what’s the schedule for classes on Saturday since everyone will be competing? Same as normal? I’d love to come watch and support everyone, but unfortunately can’t and I want to make sure I can still get my WOD on!

  4. I’m going to watch too. I’m a little worried it’s going to be like the first time I watched a triathlon…. “I’ve got to try that!”

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