02/05/10 WOD

Tori, making sure he does full range of motion push-ups.  If you want to watch something funny come and watch another early morning class do push-ups (not crossfit)


Cleans (Squat or Power)

Perform 3 warm-up sets, then find your 1 rep max


Complete the following for max reps:

2 min Push Press- 95m/65w

rest 60 sec.

2 min KB Swing- 52m/35w

rest 60 sec

2 min Box Jumps- 20″

rest 60 sec

2 min Calorie Row

rest 60 sec

2 min Double Unders

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One thought on “02/05/10 WOD

  1. I loved this workout! It was definitely taxing but I feel amazing!!!! Bring on the double unders and box jumps – love ’em!

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