02/08/10 WOD

We need more space!  In an effort to keep the crossfit experience, I have asked the other trainers if it would be better to go to a sign-up system for each class.  If we did have a sign-up schedule programming would be much easier for me.  Let me know what you think, post your thoughts to comments.


End of our 4 week strength cycle, we will be attempting new PR’s in each movement this week.

Back Squat




5 rounds each for time of:

20 Pull-ups

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Squats

*Rest 3 minutes between each round.

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24 thoughts on “02/08/10 WOD

  1. Not loving it either. That’s one thing i love about cross fit, you don’t have to plan until the day of. It makes it easy to get there 5 days a week. Some classes are way crowded, but we always seem to make it work, and the crowd has never bothered me 🙂

  2. I can see how it would be easier for all trainers for us to sign up but I don’t know how much I love it either. There are pros and cons. For the most part, Eric and I are able to stick to a schedule but with both of our jobs, our hours can change in a heartbeat and then we would have to change which classes we went to. I guess it depends if we sign up weekly or for longer periods of time, which I think would be hard on us at least. We don’t have 9 to 5 jobs so we try to go when we can but the times aren’t always consistent. If they decide to do this though, we will try our hardest to do what we can to come when signed up. I can see how it might make it so some people can’t come as often, since some people just go when they happen to have time, but on the other end, I can see how it could make people go at certain times since they know they are signed up. Sorry this is rambling….. in summary I don’t overall love the idea, what I think would be great would be just more space for us all. Our area is becoming quite crowded! That photo shows just how crowded it is for sure, but it is also a Saturday WOD and I think that more Saturday times, if possible, would thin out the crowd a bit. 🙂

  3. Not in favor. Not sure how many people jump around different time slots; but I am pretty sure that those who do usually have a good reason to do so. I think CrossFit is becoming a victim of its own success – face it, membership has grown at an amazing clip. What is needed is a bigger area. I understand that this may be an OAC decision vs. a Crossfit the Club one, but… Crossfit members are OAC members so we should lobby for appropriate space. Travis – can you shine a light on this as well???

  4. I’m definitely not a fan of a sign up schedule. I own and operate an electrical company and my schedule is never the same from day to day. I try to come to the 7 a.m. classes, but some days I am forced to come to a later class. I enjoy coming to different classes sometimes too just to associate with different people of our CrossFit community.

  5. I too have tried to come at the same time, but work often interrupts that and I need to hit a different time or I couldn’t go at all.
    Dominic has a great point. More space is not Lindsay’s decision. It is an OAC decision but we are all OAC members. For the benefit of CrossFit I bring this up, but there was a time that another class and instructors got in trouble for doing things that boot camp does and since the other class wasn’t paying for boot camp they were not allowed to continue to do those activities. I feel there is a huge double standard with that where it comes to boot camp using the CrossFit space. It would not solve all the problem but I believe that CrossFit should be able to run all its classes everyday on its same schedule and not around boot camp.
    Next as CrossFit has grown so much and is continuing to grow it simply needs and has earned to have more space. I too turn to Travis here on both these issues. How do we lobby for more CrossFit space? Can you direct us???

  6. I don’t really like it. I go to different times almost every day. If it is too crowded, what about adding a couple more times?

  7. Nope – not liking the sign up idea one bit. Flexibility has been one of the many great things about this class (along with the killer workouts) and I would hate to loose that. Sometimes mornings work out best, but other days it works out better to attend WODS in the evenings. To loose the ability to jump around and work out at different times during the week would be unfortunate. What’s the possibility of moving into the back area (where Kids Zone is currently located)? Maybe that last question is more appropriate for OAC to answer/figure out. Also, maybe add a 10:30 Sat class? Just my two cents…

  8. Not in favor of this either. Brook and I work in SLC and sometimes we can make an earlier class, and other times, traffic and our schedules prohibit this. If we signed up for an earlier class and didn’t make it, we would miss out, and not get to go at all! On Saturdays, how about getting rid of the earliest class and adding a later class? That way, some could go to 9:30 and all of us lazier people could come at 10:30. I’ll bet that would split up the crowded 9:30 class and make more room.

  9. Come on Dom, we know you drag your rear in at the last possible second on Saturday, think of the extra 55 minutes of sleep you could get if we had a 10:30? Besides, Cocktails before noon are forbidden on most diets.

  10. But I concur, with my schedule and having to come in from Draper every evening, I never know if I can make the 6 or the 7 until the moment I leave the office.

  11. No to the sign up idea. We all pay a lot extra to do this class, and flexibility has to be a part of that. The next thing you know the club will start charging like they do for the spin bikes, if you don’t make it to the time you signed up! Bad idea! Its ok that its a little crowded.

  12. Okay !… So no sign-ups, I was just thinking if I had a set number of people each class the progarming (WOD’s) would be much better, I would know how much equipment I have and wouldnt have to worry about not enough bars. I like crossfit to for that reason to be able to come whenever I can, that is why we have so many classes. Also sometimes it is a little scary when someone is snatching and there is another person right behind them. I have lobbied for more space and so has Travis, only time will tell, but let OAC know it.

  13. Glad you all veto’d the sign ups ( Just say no). It’s nice to be able to come whenever you can, I think that works best for everyone. How about an additional teamwork day, that might free up some space issues ( extra bars etc) and keep us all working hard. I think the team days are the most fun. Maybe even teams of 3 or 4 wouls be helpful. How about Thursdays since they have just been added?

  14. Lindsay, we want you to have the biggest and baddest box in CrossFit universe. Just tell us where we form the picket line and we’ll start lobbying OAC.

  15. I do agree we need more room and liked the idea of using the kids zone space. Also, what would we have to do to get classes at 5 and 6 am on fridays?

  16. Lindsey,
    Perhaps a way to approach the OAC would be to suggest that you move to a ‘sign up’ system at NO CHARGE, because you are concerned about safety and the well being of all the participants. OR suggest to the management that you have a VERY dedicated, responsible, respectable group of members that are willing to pay membership dues (a family membership in most cases) as well as pay extra for crossfit dues (again, sometimes more than one family member dedicated to crossfit) and perhaps they need more than the space that is provided…

    From a strictly finacial view, I have to believe that per square foot, your crossfit space brings in more money EVERY MONTH than anything/everything else in the club… Maybe they need to understand that if crossfit brings them “X” amount per square foot each month, that WHAT WOULD THE POSSIBLITIES BE if they were able to increase the dedicated space…

  17. Lindsay and I are working on getting more space for CrossFit. We, (I), had know idea that it would get to be as big as it did. Thanks for being patient while we try to relocate the kids area in the back court to expand the CrossFit area. I agree completely with all of the comments posted and will try to get something done sooner than later.

    Keep up the hard and rewarding workouts in CrossFit.

    I just wanted to let Lindsay know he should have joined the circus instead of becoming a CrossFit Coach, he has quite an impressive Juggling Act with trying to program for so many CrossFitters. We both want CrossFit the be the biggest in Utah. We are number two right now, but only 100 shy of being number one.

  18. I am glad to hear that there will not be sign ups. I, like everyone else, am in great favor of keeping the flexibility. The possibility of moving further into the back area was one of my ideas too – I see I am not alone in this.
    Thanks so much to Linsdey & Travis for trying so hard to keep this going … such a kick ass class & experience!!

  19. Kimmie–We can’t have CrossFit on Friday mornings because Boot Camp uses the space/equipment. Although perhaps if the space was expanded we could do something about that.

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