02/08/11 WOD


21 Dead lifts

Run 3 laps (465m)

18 Dead lifts

Run 2 laps (310 m)

15 Dead lifts

Run 3 laps

12 Dead lifts

Run 2 laps


Recommended Weight

Level I- 95m/65w

Level II- 135m/95w

Level III- 185m/115w

Level IV- 225m/155w

*Remember to challenge yourself but scale weight as needed.


MOBILITY WOD– 02/04/11 post


02/07/11 WOD Results

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4 thoughts on “02/08/11 WOD

  1. Everyone – this is long for this blog, but below is an article in the Standard Examiner today that features several of our CrossFit couples! Nice job everyone!

    “Romance on the run: Couples find ‘being healthy together’ keeps the spark alive”

    What’s good for your body can be good for your relationship with your spouse, too.

    Randy Chatelain, associate professor of family studies at Weber State University, says working out is one of the most positive things a couple can do together.

    “Number one is that shared positive experience is good,” he said. “I go to the gym every morning and I don’t see a lot of depressed people there. Going and doing that together is a nice shared activity. (It’s like saying:) We’re going to be healthy together.”

    However, not all couples are exercise compatible. Sometimes, they enjoy different activities or working out together is more of a stress than a pleasure.

    “There may be some conflict with style or one spouse may be critical,” Chatelain said. “A good rule is, ‘If it works, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.’ Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.”

    Many local women are finding that working out with their spouses is better than going it alone — and that it deepens their commitment to each other and their exercise routine.

    Jill Jacobs of Roy said she has run with friends since high school. When she started training for a half-marathon seven years ago, her husband Jared offered to run with her.

    She said he has been her running partner since, and they have spent countless hours running and talking. They even plan their vacations together around out-of-town races.

    “What keeps us running is the way you talk. Conversation just flows. We usually talk about kids and work, but when you go running, you don’t talk about those things. You get back to being friends. It’s our alone time, our date night, plus it sets a good example for the kids,” she said.

    Liz Nuttall, a personal trainer from West Point, said her experience working with married couples shows sometimes they communicate well during a workout — and sometimes they don’t.

    “Couples who work well together in other areas will probably have a good time at the gym together, but if they bicker at home, they will probably bring those bitter feelings with them to their training appointment. … Overall, I think working out together can be a very fun way to get healthy and fit. If the spouses are supportive of each other, it can also strengthen their relationship,” she said.

    Talking points

    Keylee Mecham of Mountain Green said working out with her husband, Justin, has helped her connect with him.

    “It’s like a date every day we get to go to the gym. It’s something we both enjoy doing together,” she said.

    Although Molly and Matt DeGroot of Riverdale both love to run, they have small children and often take turns working out. Molly said the time spent running apart gives them something to talk about when they are together.

    “It definitely is good for our relationship. I love running with Matt. Understanding the hard work and the time that goes into it makes it easy to be supportive of one another. I think it also helps us to be happy for each other’s accomplishments,” she said.

    Keylee Mecham agrees. She said Justin understands when she is sore, and they often talk about their workouts outside of the gym.

    Julie and Lindsay Hassell of South Ogden work out and compete together as members of the Ogden Athletic Club’s CrossFit organization. Julie said she talks with Lindsay about that day’s workout and the hardest or most enjoyable part.

    “It’s fun to have something in common. We’re both doing the same workout and can compare stories,” she said.

    The support factor

    Kellie Jerman of South Ogden said if it weren’t for her husband, Brody, she might not find the motivation to get to the gym.

    “Before having kids, I would work out on my own, but after having kids, I think I would stay home with them. He says, ‘C’mon let’s do this’ and it makes me more committed to it. We support each other and cheer each other on. It’s a little date time,” she said.

    Keylee Mecham said she works harder because Justin is there to push and encourage her. Jill Jacobs feels the same way.

    “Sometimes it’s hard for me and he encourages me and sometimes it’s hard for him and I push him. He’s more competitive. My girlfriends will take a break with me, but he makes me keep going or go a little faster. He’s made me a better runner,” she said.

    Chatelain adds that focusing on your spouse at the gym keeps you attracted to him.

    “There’s an attraction. It gets you physical together. They look good and look strong,” he said. “It’s better to be attracted to your spouse than others. You are being together rather than developing other relationships. It’s a little safer to be there together as a couple. The gym is a dangerous setting, and you can keep the focus on your spouse instead of other eye candy.”

  2. My wife is a liar! She doesnt like to workout with me, she usually tells me that sucked, why did you do that! I guess the romance is rubbing the sore spots so she doesnt kill me for what I put her through.

  3. Being a part time CFTC member, I did not realize that the 630 PM class has officially gone away… luckily Hawk was there warming up with his WAR class. So I found a corner and did today’s by myself.
    Level 4 in 9:58 RX.

    On another note, great turnout from The Club at FE on sat. I think you guys had the largest cheering section and some pretty impressive performances.

  4. Kellie was also misquoted. I don’t say “c’mon let’s do this”, that would just be ridiculous. I say “It’s show time!”. 😉

    P.S. Nice work Bruce! Also congrats on FE. Way to represent!

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