02/10/11 WOD




1000 Meter Row


5 Rounds of:

4 SDHP- 95m/65w

8 KB Snatch- 53m/35w

12 Barbell Bentover Row- 95m/65w


MOBILITY WOD– 02/07/11 post


*We are on the home stretch of the 30 day clean eating challenge!  We will start to take weight and measurements starting next Thursday and continuing until Saturday.  I will post times for people to sign-up asap.  I will also need to have your last journal entries by then.  Keep going strong, almost done.


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One thought on “02/10/11 WOD

  1. This Sunday, February 13th, at 10am SLC Crossfit is going to row a marathon – 42,195 meters. They already have 8 people who have confirmed their lack of good judgement. I floated the idea with Lindsay to see if we have some crazies out here who are game. This is not a relay – you row the marathon period. Confirm or deny involvement here. I’ll share the gory details as soon as we have some people to represent.

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