02/11/10 WOD

She’s one Bad A, and it’s her birthday.  Mindi’s goal 5 pull-ups with no band before her 30th birthday, well here is your chance.  Happy Birthday Mindi D!




7 Rounds for time of:

3 Push/Split Jerks- 135m/ 75w

6 Knees to Elbow

9 Pull-ups

I encourage everyone to go check out the good articles under club pub.
Also make sure to visit the discussion board and let us know what you want to see or
anything you think may make Crossfit The Club a better place.



02/10/10 WOD RESULTS

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15 thoughts on “02/11/10 WOD

  1. O my hell! Somebody is dead freaking meat. Seriously. Kurt or Chase. There is a reward for ANY info as to who the hell gave Lindsay that picture! That picture is from when i had my senior pictures done 12 years ago!!!! Don’t ask, i have no idea what the ‘idea’ behind it was. It’s sooo ghettooo!! I am seriously so embarrassed i could die right now. Paybacks are a bitch boys!!!!!

  2. I already left a comment, where did it go?? Ok i’ll start over. WHAT THE HELL??? My husband and/or brother are dead meat. Serious. I am so embarassed i could die right now. Who the hell gave that picture to Lindsay? Tell me and i’ll leave you out of the paybacks Lindsay. It was 12 years ago, my senior pictures. I don’t have a clue why or what????? But really.. i didn’t think my past would come pack to haunt me all these years later i thought i had burned the pictures which makes me believe my mother was involved!! Paybacks are a bitch boys!!!!!

  3. Oh Sissy, you need to chill, that is some funny stuff right there. Just think back then you were doing curls with 5lbs, now you’re doing heavy deadlifts, squats, thrusters, and even pullups, you’ve come so far, but I would like to see that intense look while you’re attempting your pullups tomorrow. Good luck and happy b-day.

  4. Mindy I know all the players…but I’ll NEVER tell !!! Will you sign that picture for me if I bring it tomorrow. Happy Birthday….Love ya!!!!

  5. Just a reminder to everyone about the meeting for our Ragnar team on Saturday at 10:30–after the 9:30 WOD. Whether you’re committed, interested, on the fence, or just curious, come! If you can’t make it, let me know and we can arrange something else. You can reach me at elise_c_reinert@yahoo.com or 801.648.5580.

    Also, Sherrie is still looking for volunteers for sectionals. And I understand that there is a pretty awesome gratuity bag for the volunteers, not to mention you get to support the competitors from our affiliate without the price of admission.

    Specifically, Julie and Jacie B.–are you two volunteering? I meant to ask you this morning but forgot.

  6. I hate to say it but i did not do 5 good pull ups. I did 5, but the last 2 were bad. I worked on the kipping swing.. again.. i’m really frustrated. I have been watching tutorials and practicing for a while, lock offs, swings, dead hangs etc. I even have a bar at home that i practice on. My body and my brain are not connecting. Thanks for helping me out everyone! One day..one day.. But today is my birthday so i’m celebrating anyways! 🙂

  7. Mindi..you freakin ROCK sister…I love the pic especially the look on your face! Priceless!! Just keep doing those pull ups they will come..don’t EVER use the band again don’t make it an option then your body will be force to figure it out and you’ll stop thinking about it so hard. Happy Birthday girlfriend!!

  8. Elise, me and a couple of friends want to volunteer. i text sherrie today, but i think dustin gave me the wrong number. 🙂 will u let her know if u see her, im trying to get there in the morning to do the 7 and hopefully she is there. Thanks

  9. Elise…I’ll talk to Sherry about volunteering. We’ll have lots of family there to watch my son Kyle so I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do…volunteer or watch. Maybe both????
    Thanks for thinking of us…I’ll let you know.

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