02/17/11 WOD



AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

Run 2 laps (310 meters)

Max Rep Pull-ups

*Score will be rounds completed + max pull-ups

MOBILITY WOD– 02/12/11 post

Many of you have heard or seen of the new program at the OAC & CFTC created by Dustin Hawkins, called WAR.

What is WAR?

WAR is a 12 week program that consists of two 6 week sessions, the Black Session & the Red Session.
There will be Therapists and Psychologists involved, a Licensed Dietician, a Sport’s Psychologist, and various Motivational Speakers – all of which will provide educational information on preventing addiction, as well as how to manage addiction. The WAR program is four nights a week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, from 7-8:30PM WAR is not a Rehabilitation or a Treatment Program; it’s an Educational program looking to inform individuals about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and how to use fitness and the WAR lifestyle as a tool to stay on the right path, ultimately helping them to make the right decisions as they work to make progress in their life.

Who is for WAR?

WAR is for anyone that is looking to make some positive changes in their lives. The program in its entirety is set-up for progress, regardless of how mild or severe your addictive behavior may be. Everybody struggles with something; the WAR program provides an incredible opportunity to learn a new healthy lifestyle.

Helping People Fight Their WAR on Addiction
WAR is also a program for those individuals who have had their struggle with addiction, and need a new lifestyle change to help them stay on track, and not relapse. Addiction is a lifelong battle for many.  WAR is an opportunity for those individuals to learn a new life long lifestyle that will help them fight their WAR on addiction.

We all know of someone that is struggling with addiction, help support an awesome program by introducing them to WAR and the principles taught there.  For any additional information contact Dustin.  Check out the website here.  www.workoutaddictionrecovery.com

02/16/11 WOD Results

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  1. That’s awesome Dustin, you’re a freakin stud. I’m not sure why Brody is always talking smack about you and telling everyone that he could easily beat you in an arm wrestling contest but that you’re too afraid. Especially after he won the “Annie” contest, he was telling everyone that he thinks you’re a girlie-man and that he started flexing and said could easily beat you any time anywhere. I know that you’re above his childish taunts but I’m thinking you should take Brody on and finally shut him up. (Oh and make sure you get it on video)

  2. Hey Lindsay… My work has some cameras on sale. 12pix for like $230. If you are interested let me know. 12 pix is pretty high quality. And they take video also.

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