02/18/11 WOD

Chase Box Jump

Fitness Elevated recreated for us!


For Time:

30 Wall Burpees

30 Push Press- 95m/65w (competition was 85/45 sandbag, do not have any YET!)

30 Double Unders

Run 3 Laps (465m) ( not enough rowers, competition 30 cal row)

30 KBS- 53m/35w (we only have two 70lb KB, in competition it was 70m/53w)

30 Box Jumps-20″

touch line and then;

15 Box Jumps- 20″

15 KBS

Run 1 lap (155m) (15 cal row)

15 Double Unders

15 Push Press

15 Wall Burpees


Week 6

Day 3

1.  Bench Press- 55/5, 70/5, 80/4, 85/3, 80/4, 85/3, 77/B

2.  Push Jerk- 60/4, 65/4, 72/3, 78/2

3.  Weighted Dips- 5 x 3

30 Day Challenge Weigh-ins starting today at 8am.  I will only have an hour to get as many done as possible, I will also be available after the 10am class to do more.  The next available time is Saturday after the last class at 9:30am.  We will have a follow up class on Nutrition sometime next week.  Thank you for everyone that participated, the results I have seen have been amazing!


02/17/11 WOD Results


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9 thoughts on “02/18/11 WOD

  1. I want to be excited because today is the final day of our challenge and it was amazing. However, this WOD looks very scary and I am not excited at all to do it….at all. I am curious to see how we all do on this. Good luck and good job everyone.

  2. Lindsay, are you not doing weigh ins tonight? I thought i read somewhere you were.. let me know. I need to get myself weighed 😉 JK but Kurt does..

  3. Yes Mindi I wll be there tonight after the last class to do some weigh-ins. There have been some amazing results so far and to think you only did it 30 days! Even if you did a paleo diet 80% of the time and the other 20% eat what you want your body would change to the way you would want it to.

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