02/19/11 WOD

TEAM WORK DAY!  No need to bring a friend we will pair you up with someone and you can share the work load.


“By 10’s”

In teams of 2 you will complete

For Time:


20 Dead lifts- 215m/173w

30 Squat Cleans- 125m/83w

40 Thrusters- 75m/53w

50 OHS- 45m/33w

60 Pull-ups

70 Burpees

80 Wall Balls- 20m/14w (10ft)

90 OH Walking Lunge steps- 45m/25w

Run 10 Laps (1550 m)

*Load bar in this order Men- 15, 25, 45.  Women- 10-15-45.  Take off plates as you move to each exercise.

MONDAY SCHEDULE (President’s day)- We will ONLY be having the morning classes. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10am only.  Have a great weekend.

02/18/11 WOD Results

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3 thoughts on “02/19/11 WOD

  1. LIndsay, my brain wasn’t working right after the WOD today (as usual) and I totally forgot about giving you some camera recommendations, so I sent you an email to your lhasses@wcaclubs.com address. If you don’t get that for some reason, I’ll be in on Monday and will be sure to write down a few recommendations for you.

  2. Kurt and Mindi congratulations on your new baby! You guys are so cool! Keylee and I hope Mindi that you and the baby are doing well! Please send Lindsay some photos so we can see the new little one! Congrats again!

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