02/23/10 WOD


Jodie really wanted to do Murph today but thought we should lay off the push-ups for today, so her next favorite thing is running.  Hope you have a great Birthday today, keep up the good work!


5 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

10 pull-ups

25 squats


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9 thoughts on “02/23/10 WOD

  1. I just wanted to remind everyone about the sectionals this weekend. There have been a lot of great changes in our gym this week! Please come and support your CrossFit the Club athletes. We have pushed ourselves to levels we have not experienced before. It’s not just the physical strength required during the workouts, it is the mental preparation for the upcoming events that are the most difficult to endure. You have all gone to bed at night, preparing yourselves for the upcoming WOD’s. Imagine not knowing for the last few months…and finally seeing two days worth of “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements”, designed to eliminate the weak. Not a comfortable feeling… You have watched us push ourselves to “prepare for the unknown and the unknownable”. We all hope to succeed and not disappoint. This will be a great opportunity to see a tremendous number of athletes “push, pull, puke, and repeat”. Again, please support your fellow athletes, wear your CrossFit the Club T-shirts, and support our amazing gym! Good luck to all that have had “nightmares” the last few months…. 🙂 Stacie

  2. Thanks sooooo much everyone! Joining CrossFit is one of THE best things Eric and I have ever done! I love going, I love everyone there, the community makes it incredible. I used to just work out in the weight room and no one talked to anyone. Eyes forward, no socializing. CrossFit is just the opposite! I have made so many great friends and I love it so much! Thanks everyone for being so supportive and wonderful! And for the record…. I HATE Murph and I hate running. Lindsay is just cruel. 🙂

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