02/24/11 WOD

We had a birthday yesterday and I forgot to post it!  Happy Birthday Jodie L.  Check out these results.




For Max Load:

Thruster Ladder- 10 minutes

1st min- 1 thruster, 2nd min- 2 thrusters, 3rd min- 3 thrusters etc… 10 min- 10 thrusters

*Choose a weight the will challenge you to make the full 10 minutes.

REST 5 minutes

3 Rounds for time of:

Run 775 meters (5 laps)

Rest 2 minutes

MOBILITY WOD– 02/19/11 post

02/23/11 WOD Results

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15 thoughts on “02/24/11 WOD

  1. Jodi, you are an inspiration. The transformation you have made is truly amazing. On top of that, as you have progressed, you have shown nothing but integrity and a joyful spirit that has been quiet contagious to those around you. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jodie!!! You’ve been here since the beginning and have given it your all every day. Your hard work has most definitely payed off. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Julie! kidding- I mean Jodie. Hopefully we will be on the same team for CFTC games again. You were an awesome team mate.

  4. Happy Birthday Jodie! We hope you have a great B-day and Eric spoils you for all your hard crossfit work! You look great! Blake & Jacie

  5. Thank you so much everyone!! My ‘before’ picture is quite frightening. So embarrassed that you’re all seeing it… But… On the other hand, I’m proud of my results! I know I still have a long way to go but I’m working on it every day. I love CrossFit and all of you that make it what it is. Thanks for everything!!!

  6. Be proud of your accomplishments and know that as long as you continue to work hard in CF, you will never see that pre-Crossfit Jodie again. It is tremendous to be witness to your transformation to a stronger more beautiful woman! Happy B-day!

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