02/26/10 WOD


Thanks Sherrie for all your hard work coordinating the Utah/Nevada Sectionals, without you we wouldn’t be having this great event come to Crossfit The Club.


For Time:

400 meter walking lunge

*Back knee must tap the ground on each step.  No walking, the only way you move forward is by lunging!

ATTENTION:  We will be holding our regular scheduled classes today (7, 9, 10am, 4 & 5pm).  If you could get your workout in early that would be great, we will be starting the clean up in the evening for Saturday’s big event. Also, this is the last day to pre-order your t-shirts. We are waiting for a few of the styles which should be arriving tomorrow morning.
All orders should be available for pick-up after 4:00 pm.

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7 thoughts on “02/26/10 WOD

  1. Thanks Chris, and whoever thanked me above-haha. Its been great a times, and NOT so great at others 🙂 We honestly have the greatest people at CrossFit The Club!!! We also have the MOST volunteers so THANK YOU for making this event great! A HUGE thank you to all of you who have voluntarilly listened to my woes and kept me going with your support! Your humor has seriously kept me going in this endeavor. Hope all goes well at this point! Best of luck to our athletes competing! Hopefully I get to watch some of it!!!

  2. To everyone competiting in the sectional I wish you the best of luck. Go out and do your best. Win or lose you are all winners to me by going out there and kicking some major crossfit a**

  3. It’s 4:45am on the day of Sectionals and I can’t sleep I’m so excited. I’ve got my cup of coffee, going to go eat in a sec… I’m ready. Thanks so much Sherrie! You made this happen and we all appreciate it! I’ve put in a call to some of my off shore Swiss accounts. Your bars of gold are being delivered. Only catch is I didn’t want to pay the shipping on that, so you’ll have to cover it. See ya in a few hours!

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