02/28/11 WOD

3, 2, 1 GO!


Last years games winners Parker, Bitty, Stacie, and Johnny B.  Can they hold onto the title??  Be sure to sign-up by next Thursday if you would like to participate.   We will be randomly selecting teams of 4 people- 2 men 2 women if possible.  This event was a lot of fun last year and you get to experience what crossfit is all about, the sport of fitness!



AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

5 Elevated HSPU- ( use parallets or plates)

10 Toes Through Rings

15 Med Ball Cleans- 20m/14w

*Scale HSPU as needed.


Week 8

Day 1

1.  Power Clean- 50/3, 60/3, 75/3, 82/2, 85/2

2.  Upright Rows (clean max)- 30/10, 45/8

3.  Back Squat- 50/5, 62/5, 75/5, 82/4, 85/2

4.  DB Bentover Row (clean max)- 30/8, 35/6, 40/6

MOBILITY WOD– 02/25/11 post


Brad A

Stacie M.

Russ C.

We had some amazing numbers across the board in only 30 days!  Brad down 34 lbs, that is an amazing 5 1/2″ off his waist.  Stacie a flawless food journal, did everything right and lost 3% Bodyfat to an already lean frame.  You’ve seen her back on last weeks post, it looks good!  Russ down 10lbs of fat weight and 15 lbs body weight, he just added 5+ years to his life.  I could go on and on about the results for those that stuck out the whole 30 days.  Good job to all those that participated.  Everyone be sure to see me for your “30 For Life” shirt.  I hope you all will continue a healthier way of eating and finish what you started.  I highly recommend anyone looking for a change give the “whole 30” a shot.  It will change  the way you look at food.

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3 thoughts on “02/28/11 WOD

  1. Way to go! You guys are awesome for even sticking it out! I know from experience (not my own) that it was tough! 34 lbs Brad? Wow! Tell me, was it worth it?? I guess i should ask your wife cause i know Kurt and I about killed each other. Funny i had the baby on the last day of the challenge.. Its a miracle we made it that last 30 days 😉

  2. Congrats to you all! That was not an easy challenge but you all endured and did it well. As far as the games, EVERYONE should give it a shot. It is seriously so much fun and it’s a great way to meet all the CrossFit’rs you don’t normally see. Good times with good people!

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