03/03/11 WOD

I am soon going to be handing over the programming to Natilee Shock (Mailee’s daughter), looks really hard.


“Death by Squats & Box Jumps”

For Max Rounds:

1 min- 1 squat/1 box jump, 2 min- 2 squats/2 box jumps, 3 min- 3 squats/3 box jumps….etc

* Score is how many rounds completed.

MOBILITY WOD- 02/28/11 post

03/02/11 WOD Results

Anyone interested in some Olympic Weight lifting Shoes?  Muscle Driver USA is having a clearance sale on their Pendlay shoes.This is a good deal considering how much they regularly are.  Click here for link.

Remember we will be adding two new crossfit times today- 10am and 4pm.

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3 thoughts on “03/03/11 WOD

  1. Natilee and her dad did “muddy” on Wednesday. I thought the “23” situps was funny, but then remembered that I’ve given Lindsay a hard time for “random” numbers before…Natilee has just learned from the best! WHAT? Did I just say that?

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