03/04/11 WOD

We have two birthday’s to celebrate, alright!



For Time:

42 KB Swings- 70m/53w

42 Double Unders

Run 4 laps

42 Burpees

42 Wall Balls- 20m/15w

31 KB Swings

31 Double Unders

Run 3 laps

31 Burpees

31 Wall Balls

MOBILITY WOD- 02/22/11 post- “paleo chair”


Week 8

Day 3

1.  Bench Press-  55/5, 75/5, 80/3, 87/2, 90/2, 92/1, 95/1, 84/B

2.  Shoulder Press- 62/4, 70/4, 80/3, 80/3

3.  Back Extension (weighted or banded)- 4 x 15

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16 thoughts on “03/04/11 WOD

  1. Just guessing … ummm…happy 42nd and 31st Birthdays guys. Love that 42 is the one standing up, lifting and smiling and the 31 stud is lying on the floor exhausted. Just saying… Enjoy your day and your WOD!!

  2. Happy B-Day gentlemen from Keylee and I! Kurt, we love working out with you and Mindi – both are super strong CrossFitters! We hope you have a great day and that mom and the baby are doing well!

  3. Screw the both of you! That WOD hurt! Just playen… Happy Birthday!!! I’m glad you’re as young as you are because any older and I coud have died today.

  4. Oh yeah! a good hard one after a day like today you realize its going to feel good to kick this WOD right in it’s @$$ or vice versa haha

  5. Happy birthday Rich and Kurt!

    Rich, I hope you get to enjoy a tall cold one and Kurt, I hope you get to sleep a few hours tonight.

  6. Happy Birthday Rich and Kurt. Couldn’t you two have lied about your age – maybe 21 and 10? Your birthday WOD was painful.

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