03/08/10 WOD

WARNING!!  Have you seen these little ladies roaming your neighborhood lately?  You maybe tempted to contribute to their cause, but the results could be harmful.  With a couple of these boxes sitting around, no one is strong enough to withstand the temptation.  I have had to fight this urge all weekend.   My wife fell prey, and now I am staring at Tagalongs, Samoa’s and Thin Mints calling and calling and calling and calling my name, I can’t take it anymore!


Back Squat 3 x 5

Back Extension 3 x 15


15, 12, 9, 6, 3 for time of:

Power Snatch- 95m/65w


Posted on: March 7, 2010admin

9 thoughts on “03/08/10 WOD

  1. Lindsay you are stronger than most! I couldnt say no to those wonderful little treats today and i am sure you will make me pay for it this week! Ha ha. Cant wait to have the strength back in the mix!

  2. Those dang cookies! I just said the other day the mini cadbury eggs and girl scout cookies in the same month is a BAD BAD thing!

  3. Box of thin mints 1, Chase 0.
    It’s been a rough week for my diet, and the thin mints that my sister so graciously brought me topped it off. Thanks sis.

  4. Let’s just eat all the cookies in one sitting to get them out of the way and pretend it never happened–probably after doing what Autumn says too.

    And I completely blocked that it’s also cadbury egg season. Curses!

  5. Just get on the “Church Do NOT Call List” and you won’t have problems with pesky kids coming around selling things like: Cookies, Scout Donations, Fast Offerings, and so much more! 1-888-947-9030
    It takes a while to kick in with all the paperwork, but sooooo worth it. They don’t even call me to come visit and help me move anymore.

    Tattoo’s seem to help a bit too.

    See you guys next week! I am going to go show these personal trainers how its done in California. Sad that the slowest CrossFitter can go smoke these fools.


  6. I say eat all the girls scout cookies and cadbury eggs you want to – bathing suit season is only months away and to heck with the diet challenge – GO LIVE LIFE 😉 I’ll use my winnings to buy everyone else more cookies.

  7. Oh Travis…… you crack me up! Go show those trainers how it’s done, Crossfit style.

    Team, forget the cookies, as much as I’d like to win this swimsuit thing, I care about your success, so JUST SAY NO! 😉

  8. Whew! I’m just glad the girl scouts can’t find us in our secluded little place….. because I would be SORELY tempted! Better to keep the little vixens away so the temptation isn’t even there!

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