03/09/11 WOD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRYSTAL G.   Have a wonderful day!


AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

5 HSPU (adv.  hands elevated)

10 Bench Press- 135m/85w

15 Push Press- 95m/65w

20 Dips


Week 9

Day 2

1.  Dead lift- 50/4, 60/4, 72/3, 80/2, 85/1, 85/1

2.  DB Bentover Row (clean max)- 25/8, 30/6, 32/6

3.  Towel Chins- 3 x 8

MOBILITY WOD– 03/06/11 post

03/08/11 WOD Results

CFTC women where are you?  We need more women for the games!  Last day to sign-up is Thursday.

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16 thoughts on “03/09/11 WOD

  1. Hey don’t you know a cleavage shot will attract mire men ti the games but if you want women to join show us a nice shirtless sweaty guy! Not that Steph doesn’t look awesome!

  2. Happy b day crystal! Hope you are happier on this day than you were on the day this photo was taken grumpy gopher!

  3. Krystal, I didn’t even recognize you. Kellie had to point it out to me. Ill never forget watching you CF during your entire pregnancy and killing it! That picture of you back squating is one of my favorites we have here at CFTC. Happy Birthday!

    Come on now ladies… You CF every day, so why would this one be any different? You’re going to miss out on a good time, so come on and sign up!

    Steph, that picture is bad ass! It needs to be submitted to the CrossFit main site!

  4. Happy Birthday Crystal!! Love the hair! You are one tough crossfit chick 🙂 Have the best day ever!……Steph, looking good girlfriend!

  5. Happy Birthday Crystal, you are my motivation 🙂 And Dom, again, a good point. I will make sure i’m there Saturday 🙂 Come on girls, sign up, i wish i could!!!

  6. Happy birthday girlie…. I love that hair u gotta tell me where u got that done:)!! Steph I’m pretty sure your rockin that tire:))!!!

  7. Hey All-

    Saw John lsat night, he is looking well. he was in high spirits and said he’ll pop in to a Xfit class when he feels he can just to show everybody he is ok.

    He is grateful for everyones well wishes and said he plans to be back at it just as soon as they give him the thumbs up.

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