03/17/10 WOD

Scot, probably not going to work for the challenge.


Back Squat- 5 x 3

GHD Sit-ups- 4 x 15 unbroken

Plyo Push-ups- 4 x 20


5 sets of hill sprints- 100% effort

rest as needed between sets

**your score will be total time of all 5 sets.

WOD Results 03/16/10

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10 thoughts on “03/17/10 WOD

  1. Hello Tina! Yes, we are hanging in there but tonight is a rest night for us (4 days a week). We’ll be there at the 6 o’clock class on Thursday. And, yes, we are doing the challenge. It is ohhhh soooo much fun!

  2. Rumor has it, Maurizio set the bar for both men and women today by strapping on that vest. By looking at the board, I can see a ton of people following his lead. Nice job everyone! Sometimes you just have to make the step to the next level and see how much farther you can push yourself. There’s no doubt it will be hard, but the feeling of accomplishment at the end is worth every bit of pain and suffering.

  3. Ah man, this is the only Wod that I would probably be good at, well I guess I will pull a Rocky and run to the M in Morgan.

  4. Way to go Maurizio, the whole 6 a.m. class rocked it today with the vests, women included, I was very impressed with everyone on that tough WOD. It was a blast, except for the constant burn/cramp on the way down the hill, but seriously the workouts this week have been awesome.

  5. Brody & Chase watching guys like u everyday & at the sectionals makes me want 2 push myself as hard as i can go. having u guys, lindsay, scot c., sherrie, bitty, & everyone else cheering and pushing me is what makes me want 2 come back everyday because we all know i am 2 lazy 2 do it myself

  6. Thanks alot Maurizio. I wondered whose crazy idea that was!! It was very self rewarding though to be terrifed of a workout, get there to find out there is now a vest involved,and then to accomplish it. Good job to everyone, you are all awesome! Thanks Bitty for giving me something to chase, it made it that much better. (or worse??)

  7. WAY TO GO EVERYONE vest and nonvest wearers alike! This is one of those WODs that is tough with or without the vest-hha! I wore a vest for the first time today along with several others in the 6 AM class. One word-BRUTAL so I give a HUGE HURRAH to those who wear them often! I thought I was going to have to just roll down the hill. I felt like it took me forever to get to the bottom due to the simple fact that I felt like my glutes ane hammies were cramped and on fire !!! BUT…alas…we will all come back another day and hopefully we will all don the stinky vesties again to continously challenge ourselves even more…. 🙂 Horray for all of us!!!

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