03/21/11 WOD

Just in case you were thinking about competing in the Crossfit Open Sectionals they have extended the deadline entry for the first workout another week.  The first workout will have to be signed off by a trainer by March 27th, the next workout will be posted on the 29th.  Great job to everyone that came on Saturday to do the first workout.




Slam Ball- 30m/20w

Overhead Walking Lunge Steps- 45m/25w

Wall Ball- 20m/15w (10′)



Week 11

Day 1

1.  Dead lift- 50/4, 65/4, 80/3, 87/1, 92/1, 90/1

2.  Push Jerk- 60/4, 70/3, 80/2, 85/2

3.  DB Bentover Row (clean max)- 30/8, 35/6, 40/4


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8 thoughts on “03/21/11 WOD

  1. Just wanted to give a quick shout out. The next time you see Barry Daniels make sure to give him a congratulatory hug because he became a first time GRANDPA last week. I know you’re all thinking that theirs no way that he can be that old with the amount of weights he throws around and you’re questioning if he’s on steroids. The answer is steroids, No. HGH, yes. Meth, yes. But, steroids, no. Anyway, congrats OG BD! You’re awesome.

  2. What’s up everyone?! We’ve had a few more athletes join the team since the big announcement of CrossFit extending the deadline for WOD 1 and Registering for the games. The team roster has been updated with everyone listed so far. Check it out http://www.crossfittheclub.com/sectionals-wod1-reminder/ and if you have registered and don’t see your name, I would double check or resend your request to join. CrossFit Games site has had a few glitches and we want to make sure we have everyone. Thanks and good luck to all who are giving WOD 1 another go-round!

  3. Brody, mission accomplished – finally convinced my wife Keylee to sign up for sectionals; you should see her request to join the team. I am calling you out Trudy Keyes – Dirk, go to work on her.

    To everyone else – this is SO much fun; you MUST signup no matter what your skill level! We all do the WODs together and you have everyone cheering you on – fantastic feeling. Yes, you feel like you are going to die during the WOD because you push yourself so hard, but you also find how much more you actually can give in a workout – strength and energy you had no idea you had. Besides, in the words of Brody – Lindsay is going to make us all do these WODs anyway; you might as well signup and support Lindsay’s affiliation and the rest of our CrossFit family! ROCK ON! (Rock on? That was pretty lame – I am just excited people.).

  4. Hey Lindsay,

    The Saturday WOD was great !! …. I liked it even though I left with ripped and bleeding hands . It was so…mmm…. uh, well, NORMAL !Thanks for taping me up and pushing me a little,

    Hey, do they have a 50 and over group in the games? I can’t compete with the 20-30 somethings but I might be temtpted to try it if you have a ( more life experienced group)– ha ha ha. Me Walt and Bill Grills

  5. Lynsey, Just for the rrecord “Easy” and “Ctossfit” should never be in the same sentence. And for me there is no such thing as an “Easy” workout!!! Congrats to Barry and family!!

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