03/24/10 WOD

We want to see what our members can come up with for a workout of the day.   Go to our recent post Create Your Own WOD and let’s see what you got, remember you will be doing these workouts.  We will be putting together crossfit the club members ideas for workouts for the next week,  from there we will then vote.  The top 6 workouts we will do for our very own hell week.  You want to be a crossfit coach, let’s see what you got!



Shoulder Press- 5 x 3

GHD Sit-ups- 5 x 20 (30 sec rest between sets)



3 Rounds of 1 minute of work/exercise, followed by 1 minute of rest.

Box Jumps- 24″m/20″w

Wall Ball- 20m/14w

Toes to Bar

Push Press- 75m/55w



Anyone interested in running a 5k?  Golden West Credit Union will be holding a 5k this Saturday at 8:30am.  You know me, I hate to run but need to improve this area of fitness.  Anyone else want to come along for some fun be sure to get signed up.  Click here for details.

03/23/10 WOD Results

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