03/25/10 WOD

We have had a lot of people blogging in on create you own wod, even to me some of you are crazy for those workouts!  The pics above is one wod you can guarantee, “Bar Appreciation”, can’t wait till warm weather!








For Time of:

30 KB SDHP- 52m/35w

30 KB Swing- 52/35

30 Weighted Step-ups – 24″m/ 20″w (holding KB under your chin)

800 Meter Run


20 KB Swing

20 Weighted Step-ups

400 Meter Run


10 KB Swings

10 Weighted Step-ups

200 Meter Run


03/24/10 WOD Results

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6 thoughts on “03/25/10 WOD

  1. Laugh if you must…..be coming from one who knows, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR TIMING in the KB SDHP! If you throw your hips too soon, the KB WILL hit you in the #$%!!

  2. I must say I believe I will be sick when we do “Bar Appreciation”! After doing CrossFit for 14 months I still attest that is the WORST WOD that we have ever done at CrossFit the Club….EVER!!! For those of you who weren’t there to enjoy it, you have something to look forward too!

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