03/27/10 WOD




In teams of two you will complete:

400 meter partner carry

10 rounds of:

                               1 Power Clean                                   

3 Front Squats

2 Chest to Overhead

5 Burpees

finish with,

400 meter partner carry

*Teams of two, must be similar in size and close to same strength.  Start by taking turns carrying partner (anyway possible- piggy back, fireman’s carry for Scott C. and Tony only- spider!) for 400 meters rotating as needed.  First team member starts on the bar, once they have completed all of the movements on the bar, the second team member starts.  Each team member must complete 10 rounds each.  You will end with the second partner carry.

*Recommended weight- Advanced 135m/ 95w

                                              Intermediate- 115m/75w

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10 thoughts on “03/27/10 WOD

  1. What the ? I thought he’ll week was next week? Darce, no offense but thank goodness you are in St. George this weekend!

  2. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lindsay for taking James’s and my personal relationship to an entirely new level. He’s never hugged me so tightly. To hear him giggling and laughing in my ear as I gave him a piggy back, was like having a smooth glass of red wine in front of a warm fire. The gentle tickle of his beard on my cheek was also pure bliss. Oh, and the feeling of his sweat mixing with mine, words can’t describe my emotions.

    P.S. James: Hit me up sometime. Maybe we can do dinner and a movie or something.

  3. Ha ha ha! Maybe Brody and James should’ve been the ones doing the spider! O dear. But i do agree, it would’ve been a bit awkward with anyone but Kurt!

  4. Oh dear…sounds like I missed out on all the fun! That comment from Brody just made my day. I needed a good laugh today.

  5. You GUYS crack me up!! I was trying hard not to breathe on my partner s(Jerilyns) neck and your all, “it was like a nice glass of wine?? I’m begining to wonder about you two…like what kind of WOD would you come up with ? I can just see it .

    WOD, touch and lift your partner 10 times front and back, trade off and repeat, jump rope in unison while holding hands, then do 50 push ups with partner lying on the floor beneath you.

  6. Brody you’re a little twisted….I love it! I’m bummed to have missed this one, sounds like you all had a lot of fun. I believe this day I was bummin around Ensenada Mexico and basking in the hot sun. 😉 Poor me…… missed the funnest WOD ever!

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