03/28/11 WOD


Nice Burpees!


For Time:

50 Double Unders

10 Burpees

40 Double Unders

10 Burpees

30 Double Unders

10 Burpees

20 Double Unders

10 Burpees

10 Double Unders

10 Burpees



Last week for the strength cycle we have been on for the past 12 weeks.  Next week we will be testing our Crossfit Total again.  (back squat, press, dead lift)  I would love some feed back on continuing to do strength this way or adding it back into the daily wod’s.  Post to comments and let me know.



1.  Power Clean- 50/3, 60/2, 70/2, 85/1, 92/1…continue as heavy as possible.

2.  Back Squat- 50/5, 60/5, 70/5, 80/2, 87/2

3.  SLDL (clean max)- 45/8, 55/6, 57/6


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17 thoughts on “03/28/11 WOD

  1. My vote is to keep the optional strength cycle. I personally feel that there isn’t enough time to do strength and the daily wod in an hour. Plus, its nice to not have to rush through strength.

  2. I love the strength being optional and not pushed into the daily wod, that way there is plenty of time to get through the strength portion without being rushed into the wod. I also encourage those not doing any strength to give it a try, it’s a big part of overall fitness.

  3. I like strength as extra credit. You feel like you’re getting a good WOD and then an extra good workout. If you put it into the WOD, you’re rushing and don’t get as good a benefit.

  4. Many of us discussed this this morning and we think it should be one of two ways: 1) Have one strength each day before the WOD like we used to do it (Monday = Deadlift; Tuesday = Shoulder Press, etc.) and just take 10-15 minutes to do the strength like we used to do it then do the WOD, or 2) Have strength like we do now on Monday, Wednesday, Friday but make sure the WOD on those days is a quick under 10 minute WOD. Today is a perfect example of that – a short, intense WOD that enabled you to also do the strength no problem in the time frame of an hour (you could also have it be just Tuesday and Thursday for the strength and shorter WODs instead of Mon, Wed, Frid if people just wanted shorter WODs on 2 days instead of 3 days). Either one of those seemed to be the thoughts of us 6am’ers! Go CrossFit Superstars!

  5. If the work out is a short one I would like to add strength on those days. The longer workouts no strength… My thoughts. Thanks!

  6. I think we should keep it how it is. It seems ro work really well, and it’s nice not to feel like we are rushing to fit it all in one hour.

  7. I dropped strength under the current format – just don’t have the time to spend an additional couple of hours at the gym. I like Sam’s suggestion to combine maybe 2 strength sessions a week with short WODs.

  8. I see all sides of this situation. I do love the separate strength cycle, however, I rarely have time to do it since I work all the time which is the hard part. I don’t feel I’m progressing strength wise as fast either. If I had time to do the separate strength, I can see the merit to it and how beneficial it can be and if could, I’d do it in a heartbeat! I do like the suggestion of having it at least a couple days a week before the WOD.

  9. As a total newbie I am not sure I should even have thoughts about this! However, as a beginner I feel like I need lots of practice learning all the strength aspects. I know that because I am slower at regular wods than more “seasoned” crossfitters I would never be able to finish a wod and then a strength cycle. HOwever, I would like to have a way to become more proficient and hopefully stronger at all the lifts. A few people have suggested adding strength a couple of days a week with a shorter regular wod. For me as a newbie I would have to have more help knowing how and what to do. Doing it on my own isn’t possible yet because of my lack of knowledge.

  10. I too am a new at this… So are some people doing the WOD and the strength training on the same day? What determines when somebody does just the strength workout vs. the WOD? Just personal preference?

  11. I see one flaw with Justin’s statement. He said today’s WOD was less than 10 minutes. If I remember correctly, it was closer to 45 minutes.

  12. Thanks, for everyones comments on the strength cycle. I for sure think everyone needs to do some kind of strength at leat some times. I will do my best to come up with something to please everyone.

  13. I am fairly new as well, but only pay to come 3 times a week (M,W,F)-I would be totally bummed if those days turned into shorter WODs all the time. I can only come on those days (as a general rule). I do like the idea of doing the strength before the WOD (as long as there could be longer WODs still…)

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