03/29/11 WOD


For Time:

Row 1,000 meters


3 Rounds of:

10 Dead lifts

155 Meter Sandbag Run- 80m/40w


Recommended Weight

Level I- 135m/75w

Level II- 185m/115w

Level III- 225m/135w

Level IV- 275m/185w


*WOD # 2 of the Crossfit Games Open will be announced tonight, any guesses what it will be?  I am hoping for something extremely heavy, need to make up some ground now.

03/28/11 WOD Results

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3 thoughts on “03/29/11 WOD

  1. The second WOD for the CrossFit Open has been announced. For any of you who want to get it done before Saturday… I will be there on Wednesday @ 10am, 5pm, and 6pm to judge. Anyone who wants to participate, let me know through this site. Be sure to review the standards of movement before attempting. We will review it before the workout. Just a reminder, I am the only “impartial” judge,,, I am not competing against you! Good Luck to all!

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