03/31/10 WOD

That’s why in we workout anaerobically, to many benefits to not do it.



Deadlift- 3 x 5 @75% of 1 rep max

KB Renegade Rows- 16, 12, 8 (each arm)



4 Rounds for time of:

5 Deadlifts- 135m/85w

5 Hang Power Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Jerks (split of push)

*Complete each round without letting go of the bar or dropping it.  Let go or drop the bar you must start the round over.  After completion of 4 rounds you will immediatley do 1 handstand hold for time.  Your score will be your time for the lifts, minus your handstand hold time.


03/30/10 WOD Results

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12 thoughts on “03/31/10 WOD

  1. I can’t believe how hard this one was. It seemed every round I got to the front squats, I was dreading the overhead because I was so tired. But I knew there was know way in HELL I was going to repeat a round. That’s where my mental strength had to take over and tell my body to “Make it happen!”. For those of you who haven’t read the post on Mental Strength, I suggest you do so. It saved my ass today!

  2. Brody you did awesome today. I let my head get the best of me this morning and was unable to complete the WOD, telling myself there is no way I could do one more push jerk. So I went and read the article on mental strength and came back with a different attitude and completed the WOD. It is amazing what our head can do to our bodies. I just read a book called Lone Survivor and there is a qoute in there that says ” our bodies can take damn near anything it’s the mind that needs training “.

  3. I totally agree with you, Brody! I know that without the consequence of having to repeat the entire round had I dropped the bar, I would have let that thing go after the front squats. So not only did the mental strength kick in to tell my body to make it happen, I now know that when I stop to rest during a WOD, I may not need it.

    Seriously, wicked-hard WOD!

  4. I actually opened up the article on mental strength the other day and due to my computer dying a slow death (and finally passing away last night) the article closed and wouldn’t let me back in. It has only happened once before that I havent completed a WOD. Dropped on my last rep on the 3rd round, dropped on my 2nd to the last rep on my 5th round, and dropped on my 3rd to the last rep on my 5th round. THEN I was done and ticked!!! It’s SO extremely disappointing to do that, however I am grateful for my weaknesses CrossFit has brought out as they always keep me humble-haha. Now I am going to go read that article-haha–and hopefully make it back tonight for another go at it!

  5. Way hard workout. Good points on mental strength, i agree. I would’ve dropped it after front squats for sure but NO WAY i wanted to repeat a round. I agree with Elise, maybe i rest to much on an average day. Although i rested quite a while between rounds today, mentally preparing for the next! Good job Darin, i’m impressed you went back. That is true mental strength!

  6. O hey Sher! I didn’t see your comment there before, but ya go back and give it another whirl! You are a tough chick i know you can do it! I will come cheer you on if you need me too 🙂

  7. ok, so i havent done it yet and you guys are scaring the crap out of me!!!! i all of the sudden have a sore back and dont think i can make it tonight

  8. That workout today was deceivingly tough, it kicked the crap out of me. I did rest a long time in between rounds because I knew there was no way in hell I was going to drop that bar once I picked it up. I think the mental strength article is one of the best I’ve read. I’ve realized in the past month, that our bodies are prepared and have been through enough torture that the only thing holding us back from the best times is our mental toughness, don’t rest, just keep pushing, you’re body can take the beating if your mind can.

  9. 3 months of this and today was the first time I was totally ready to give up and take a dnf. On round 2 I started over 4 times, getting to the push press 3 times before dropping the bar. Then Tony came over and encouraged me to finish my last 3 sets, challenging me, my being, not to drop that f@$&ing bar, and I didn’t. Thank you Tony for pushing me farther than my brain wanted to let me. And I had just read the article, some good that did me tonight.

  10. Don’t sweat it Brook 🙂 That was a very tough WOD. Good for you for stepping up and finishing it! Time doesn’t matter as long as you pushed yourself and finished. Good job!

  11. Sure it was a tough workout Chase! I saw on the board that you did it with 155#. You are one sick individual and need to get your head checked. Other than that – that’s awesome!!

  12. wow, I wish I could of tried this one. I have never done that much wieght on power cleans and jerks. Kudos for all of you who tried!!

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