03/31/11 WOD



5 Rounds for time of:

Run 2 laps (310 m)

21 Sit-ups

21 Back Ext

21 Knees to Elbow


MOBILITY WOD– 10 min squat test… do it!


Anyone interested there is a group that will be doing the Crossfit Games WOD#2, tomorrow at 7am.  Good Luck!


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10 thoughts on “03/31/11 WOD

  1. Nice job today Kevin! We had 13 people show today and got through 11 of them. All were impressive! To those who have done it… Any words of advice? Always good to get input.

  2. Thanks Scott C, Brody, Chase, and Bitty for helping judge us all this morning! Nice job to everyone that competed this morning – WOD was tough. Brody – you do not need any advice; just kill it like you always do! However, I noticed that if I paced myself rather than trying to kill it the first few rounds like I did the first WOD, I seemed to do better. But, I am by no means someone you should take advice from! You are a ROCKSTAR and will do fantastic! Good luck to everyone else as well!

  3. Linard, Scott, Brody, someone…any chance we could do WOD 2 tomorrow morning around 8ish…I could just pre enter my score of 26 rounds…I mean 2.6 rounds tonight, but I would rather wait and confirm tomorrow.

  4. I’m having a hard time posting my score to the games site. It seems to lock up when I try to log in. Any advice?

  5. Thanks Brody, I’m going to give it another try on Saturday. I think I will try to pace a little better at the beginning. Maybe taking just an extra breath between each movement. I definitely gassed out a little. You will kill this one push ups were my slowest point and you will murder those.

  6. Good advice y’all! Thanks! Cathy: try deleting all cookies, history, and cache, then close browser. Reopen and go to games site and try again. Seems to do the trick for most. Anyone else that wants to have a go at WOD 2 tomorrow, I’m going at 7:00am and will be there till 8:30/8:45ish.

  7. We have several people that will be coming tomorrow at 8am to do WOD#2. We will have someone there to judge all morning accept 7am.

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