04/01/11 WOD

Winning Team of The CFTC Games!



“The 500 Challenge”

500 Pull-ups

500 Push-ups

500 Sit-ups

500 Scissor Kicks

500 Squats

*Complete any way you can, GOOD LUCK!



Week 12

Day 3

1.  Dead lift- 50/3, 60/2, 70/2, 85/1, 92/1 – feeling good continue as heavy as possible.

2.  Front Squat- 45/6, 55/6, 55/6

3.  Towel Chins- 3 x 8





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11 thoughts on “04/01/11 WOD

  1. That is not a WOD, it is a Marathon… with scissors I am sure being 500 each leg makes it 3,000 distinct exercises, with 3,600 seconds in a hour that means in order to finish it in under 1 hour you must perform 1 exercise every 1.2 seconds.. hmm, I’ll be welcoming the 4 PM class :)~

  2. So sad to be doing Games wod 2 tomorrow…maybe I will come back in the afternoon and do this instead of go on a bike ride.

  3. ummmm waiting to hear someone say “April Fools” ………anyone….anyone?!?!?

    ok – seriously then – can this be broken down into teams of 2?!!?

  4. APRIL FOOLS! I can see who really are the dedicated today, I had several people showing up this morning ready to tackle 500 reps, man you guys are sick.

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