04/06/11 WOD

Look who’s Birthday it is, every one’s favorite Crossfitter Walt!  Your the man Walt, Happy Birthday stud.  Some of you may recognize Walt better as Fran.  Walt’s only request was that we could have a sandbag in his Birthday WOD.  Well, here ya go!


For Time of:

Run 1 mile (10 laps)

100 Anchored Sit-ups

Run 5 laps w/ Sandbag- 80/40

50 Burpee Sandbag Hops

Run 5 laps


04/05/11 WOD Results



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25 thoughts on “04/06/11 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday…from me and Dustin!!! He is out of commission for awhile because of skiing accident otherwise he would tell ya himself. Loved ya from the very beginning and even more as a cftc games partner. Make it a good one!!!

  2. When you started CF, Walt, we use to run together…remember? Everyone knows I have one speed when running…SLOW! You will lap me twice tomorrow during that one mile run! You’ve come a long way, mister! Love you lots! You are a great CrossFitter as well as a great friend! Happy Birthday, Walt!

  3. Happy Birthday Big Guy! It’s always a pleasure to work out with you. Thanks for always cheering me on when I am the ONLY person left doing the WOD. I admire your Xfit efforts. You always finish strong. Take care and celebrate!!

  4. What better way to start off your early morning, than a big hug from Big Walt. Thanks buddy! It was an honor to do today’s WOD with the birthday boy. You are an absolute inspiration to us all. You know what life’s all about… Always a smile, always encouraging, always determined… Happy Birthday Walt!

  5. Walt – Happy Birthday big guy.

    Your a good looking guy and a beautiful Fran too. I think the WOD should be called – Run Watler Run

  6. ya Walt, about those shorts. When do I get them back? I need them for WOD 11.3. They really compress my thighs and help with those squats.

  7. Happy Birthday Walt!! You are an amazing person and I love to see you and get a hug, it makes my day! Keep up the good work.

  8. Happy Birthday Big Sexy from Aaron and me!! I love your enthusiasm and you make crossfit that much more fun. I love getting your hugs (but of course if given the choice I prefer them before the work outs and not after :o) Here is hoping your special day rocks!!

  9. Hey Walt, Happy Birthday! Keep working hard like you always do….you have come such a long way in a short time. Thanks for making me rx even when I dont want to.

  10. Walt, that was one of the worst wods ever but I can’t stay mad at you because I am in love with you. It’s sad but true.

  11. Lindsay, somebody else REALLY cool has a b-day today too!! 😉 Except I know for my b-day WOD you wouldn’t have programmed all that running!!!

    Happy Birthday Walt, your WOD looks like hell 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Walt!! I love your charming personality and creative sense of humor. Crossfit is always alitlle better when you’re in class. Keep up the hard work big guy 🙂

  13. I appreciate your patience with my pathetic WIOD’s, encouragement and friendship, it mean a lot to me…. All I can say is Thank You for being a wonderful group of individuals and talented Crossfitters!

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