04/07/11 WOD

We will have a group doing WOD 11.3 tomorrow at 7am if anyone wants in.  Some very impressive scores so far, keep up the strong work.


For Time:

10 Power Snatch- 135m/95w

20 Pull-ups (adv Chest to Bar Pull-ups)

30 Box Jumps- 24/20

40 Slam Balls- 30/20

30 Box Jumps

20 Pull-ups (adv C2B)

10 Power Snatches


04/06/11 WOD Results



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3 thoughts on “04/07/11 WOD

  1. We still have more spots in our Kids Crossfit Classes every Tues and Thursday at 4pm. Just think if you were able to get that kind of training at that age, how would you be now?

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