04/08/10 WOD

For all of you that need more rest and recovery here is your early post, will try harder so everyone can sleep.


“Better go pee first”



Double Unders


*Rest 30 sec.

30 Snatches- 75m/55w

50 Box Jumps- 20″

*Your score will be total time from start to finish including the 30 sec rest.


04/07/10 WOD Results

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9 thoughts on “04/08/10 WOD

  1. What the hell! I want to know who posted this picture of me! I think i win for the worst pictures on our website (remember the chalk face that was used TWICE)!! It is a wonder I have any friends at 6:00am.

  2. so would it be too obvious if I brought one of my puppy’s potty training pads to put under me during the double unders???

  3. wow, today will be brutal I cant do a double under to save my life, if our time goes into the next class will that be ok :), and what the heck are snatches

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