04/08/11 WOD

Oh yeah!  Another Birthday to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Gary P.  This workout needs to be similar to a hero wod for all the good things you do for the community as a firefighter.  Keep up the strong work old man!


3 Rounds of 1 min max effort, 1 min rest b/t rounds of:


Knees to Elbow

KB Swings- 53/35

Russian Lunges- 20′

Mtn. Climbers

*Rest 5 min, the same format at 95#men/65# women.

Dead lift

Hang Cleans

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat


04/07/11 WOD Results

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9 thoughts on “04/08/11 WOD

  1. Gary my man, long time no see! I’ve always appreciated what a genuine, honest, talented, and caring individual you are. You always bring energy to the floor (except for the time you fell asleep during a WOD… We have photo proof if no one believes) and constantly encourage others. You’re a good man and a killer CF’r! Happy Birthday!

  2. I know i tell this story everytime Gary or Ben have a birthday but it’s too good! So, when i started cf almost 2 years ago (wow!) i thought Gary and Ben were seniors in high school! I later realized they were married, then later realized they had kids almost in high school!! Anyway, just goes to show what cf can do for you old men 🙂
    Happy Birthday Gary! Take care of your cute wife so she can get better quick!!

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