04/14/11 WOD

Why don’t you Compete?  Front Range Crossfit one of the leading teams in our region says it best.


Do you want to know why we try to get FRCF members to compete in athletic events?  It doesn’t matter if it is CrossFit, kettlebells, Olympic Weightlifting, a running race, a bike race or a triathlon?

It’s because in a competition, you push yourself further than you are normally willing to go.  The act of competing isn’t important for just the best among us.  It is important for everyone at the gym.  Simply the act of signing up for a race focuses your training and gives you a goal.  Because when we are keeping score, and your score is going up on the Leader Board, it matters.

Just by your willingness to put yourself on the line, you are saying something very important about yourself.  It says you are not afraid to face the cold hard truth about your abilities.

Do you want to know what was the best part of each and every race when I was doing Ironman Triathlons?  OK, finally arriving at the finish line was the best part.  But do you know what was a close second?  Standing at the finish line, long after I was done, watching the final hour of the race.  The Ironman has a cutoff of 17 hours.  You start at 7 AM and you have to finish the race by midnight.  Finish at 11:59:59 and you are an Ironman.  Finish at 12:00:00 and you aren’t.  It’s that simple.

The biggest cheers of the night happen from about 11:00 PM till midnight.  The winners have been done for over 7 hours.  The athletes that are finishing now are walking across the finish line.  And they are in pain.  They have been in pain for as long as they can remember.  And the gigantic crowd is honoring their pain and their bravery for starting something titanic and finishing what they started.

The biggest cheers aren’t for the winners, but for the last 100 or so finishers of the race.   The ones that are struggling to complete the task.

I saw some of that same spirit this weekend.

I watched 98 lb Christina set a new max clean and jerk of 110 lbs and then do it six more times.  I saw Dre set a new PR of 85 lbs, then a PR of 95 lbs, then a PR of 105 lbs and finally saw her clean 110 lbs.  I watched Brigitte, Jenn, Alyson, Amaria, Jody and Becca hit their max lift, over and over and over again.  I saw 145 lb, 54-year-old Pete Mentz set a new PR of 165 lbs.

None of those lifts would have happened if they hadn’t committed to compete.  It was the desire to see what they were capable of that forced them to do something great, to do something better than they ever had before.  I watched an entire gym full of people going crazy during the last minute of Sectional Workout 11.3.  It didn’t matter if it was the athlete’s 40th rep or 1st.

We want you to compete at something.  At anything you choose to do.

We want you to compete because it brings out the greatness in you.



For time:

Run 1550 meters (10 laps)

Rest 3 min

Run 1240 meters (8 laps)

Rest 2 min

Run 775 meters (5 laps)

Rest 1 min

Run 310 meters ( 2 laps)



1.  Hang Clean (clean max)- 50/5, 55/5 x 3; work on tech and speed.

2.  DB Bentover Row (clean max)- 25/8, 30/6, 30/6


04/13/11 WOD Results



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6 thoughts on “04/14/11 WOD

  1. Great article. I like the part about facing the cold hard truth of your abilities. Competeing can be very humbling but very rewarding. I feel bad now for saying I want to quit. It has been a great experience. I appreciate everyone pushing me to do more than I think I am capable of. And watching all of you who are so freakin strong, is inspiring!

  2. Lindsay, I am planning on doing WOD 11.4 Friday morning at 8am. I may just get the burpees in as 120lb OHS is quite heavy for me considering I just barely graduated to the 95lb bar for OHS! Still such an awkward movement for me!

  3. The games open has definitely pushed me to new levels. Competition is one of the things that makes Crossfit the greatest fitness program on the planet.

  4. The CFTC Games shirts are finally here! I have a list of everyone that ordered a shirt. Please come and see me so you can get your shirt.

  5. Great article! I am about the least competitive person I know however,I have really enjoyed that element in crossfit . I have never had a need to win therefore I have also never pushed myself . Having a competitive element in our workouts has helped me to want to try to beat my own scores. Never before would I have even thought about how fast I could run a mile. I personally have decreased my mile time by over 4 minutes. Having a competitive element certainly has pushed me to push myself.

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