04/16/10 WOD

One of our fellow crossfitters, Colby on the left side of picture had a close call a week ago.  He has been in the hospital recovering from surgery, he suffered some kind of blockage.  Good luck in your recovery, hope to see you back real soon.


OHS- 3 x 5

( 4 count down, 3 count hold, explode up)

HSPU- skill work



“The Hawaiin Badger”

50 Double Unders (x3 singles)


Jumping Lunge

Slapping Push-up

Front Squat- 95m/65w

Run 400 meters


Jumping Lunge

Slapping Push-up

Front Squat

50 Double Unders


*We still have a lot of tanks, shirts and hoodies we need to sell.  So if you don’t have one, you need one!.

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5 thoughts on “04/16/10 WOD

  1. I didn’t think it looked that bad, but looks aren’t everything…IT WAS TOUGH! I gave up on the slapping push ups when I about broke my nose 😉

  2. i STILL am having trouble walking….my quads are SO stinkin sore!!!!! Maybe tomorrow they will feel better-haha

  3. Stacy thanks for pushing me to finish. And also for making me laugh at the way I do my push ups. Julie you you did great for sticking with the weight

  4. this work out kicked me hard, both physically and mentally. Two days later and I am still not able to move without feeling the burn 🙂

    Stacie – thanks for pushing me harder than I was able to push myself and for not letting me drop weight even when I really really REALLY wanted too.

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