04/17/10 WOD

I know this week has been brutal, so we have to go hard one more day or it just wouldn’t feel right.



In teams of 2 you will complete the following:


25 Push Press- 115m/75w

30 Sumo Deadlift High Pull- 115m/75w

35 Pull-ups

40 Deadlifts- 115m/75w

45 Dive Bombers- 52m/35w

50 Wall Ball Shots- 20m/14w

55 Scissor Kicks- 4 count

60 Burpees

*Advanced weight- 135m/85w


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04//16/10 WOD Results

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17 thoughts on “04/17/10 WOD

  1. Oh my gosh, this workout is nuts. Are you trying to kill us or what? I was going to bring my husband for a first time back in over a year. I’m afraid i maybe a widow if i bring him looking at this WOD. We will all need to dig deep to get through this one.

  2. I agree with you Celeste! It looks brutal! This whole week has been killer. Hey Lindsay, thought you were gonna do something with the tires outside???

  3. A dive bomber is when you climb to the top of the pull up bar, do a belly flop and land in a perfect pushup Bitty, gosh, I thought you would know that…dont forget your vest:)

  4. Ha Ha, Loraine you crack me up! Celeste, I hope your still bringing Scott…ya, this one looks hard, but aren’t they all??

  5. Joni I added our bar finally, hahaha, we did 33pd bar plus the 25’s and the 5’s, so we actually did 93 pounds today!!! Good job, good think we can’t count!

  6. Ha ha ha Jerilyn, I was wondering why you changed it!

    This workout today was awesome, I loved it! Thanks Sissi for being my partner! Great job to everyone who came, especially those who also came yesterday! 🙂 Oh and as for those girls who did the workout at 8:30 and then again at 9:30…… incredible! I look up to you all so much!

  7. Jerilyn…THANKS for being my partner! You did SO awesome! Way to push yourself! Glad I just happened to be there to see it :)! Proud of you!

    Jodie…You are super-duper!

  8. …and I did LOVE that workout today! Thanks Chris P. for pushing me!!!! Don’t know if I would have even attempted the 85 lbs, but it wasnt so bad…except for those dang SDHP…but alas…but we made it… and live to see another CrossFit workout come Monday :)!

  9. Loraine, we can’t count! I wish it would’ve been the 33 pd bar we were using, but it was only the 15!! I was thinking about it after and realized we only did 75 lbs ;-( Ha, ha no wonder it didn’t seem too bad…I just thought we were getting stronger!

  10. Oh, my goodness! Hahaha, ok now I really feel weak, because I thought that was really hard! Well Joni all I got to say is you might want to be more picky on your partners…but if you ever need a break just pick me! 🙂

  11. Haha…you girls are crackin me up! The MATH is my least favorite part of Crossfit! Oh, Loraine, I didn’t use a vest BUT I did RX the whole workout without a partner, so I thought that would count for something. 🙂 I’m sore enough for 2 people!

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