04/21/10 WOD

Just think of this when your in pain.  We will be doing the the most brutal sectional workout this year, in my opinion.  The Hawaii sectional WOD “The Gauntlet”, who would of thought somewhere so pretty could come up with so much pain!



“The Gauntlet”

30 minute time limit.  Athlete with the highest number rounds of Cindy at the end wins.


1000 meter row

50 thrusters- 45m/33w

30 pull-ups



10 rounds

3 snatches- 135m/85w

15 wall ball- 20m/14w


AMRAP of “Cindy” (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats) in the remaining 30 minutes


4/20/10 WOD Results

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14 thoughts on “04/21/10 WOD

  1. Hey Lindsay I think you screwed up and put Thursday’s and Friday’s WODs on here too.

    Ha ha! Seriously it looks awesome, I can’t wait to try ti!

  2. AMRAP of Cindy? I don’t think I will even get to Karabell!! This will be interesting. Just when I was thinking I was getting better this workout comes along and will show me just how far I have to go still!!

  3. I am just wondering what we win. Is it like a candy bar, or money…because I will do this one for some coconut M&M’s.

  4. Good luck everyone! My advice is to push hard from the start because before you know it, it’s over…. and you may not even get to Cindy!

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