04/22/10 WOD

I hope that’s sweat!




4 rounds for time of:

100 single jump ropes

400 meter run

10 bodyblasters- (burpee-pull-up-knees to elbow)


04/21/10 WOD Results

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23 thoughts on “04/22/10 WOD

  1. I was going to say the same thing, Celeste: jump rope? And amazingly, this picture totally distracted me from the WOD. Good strategy.

  2. Brody, sweat or urine? Doesn’t matter, check out those abs brother!!! ….Loraine, you are super speedy on your singles..I have a feelin your gonna KILL this WOD!

  3. Don’t be so sure it’s just sweat, Brody is pretty intense, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t take the time to use the boys room when he’s doing it for time. So…….. you never know?

  4. Wow Brody! The best part is that you seem so innocent as to why you’re picture is being taken here. Kinda makes me wonder of the times I looked like that and had no idea. Hmmm…..

  5. I just want to say how glad I am to see a workout without WALLBALLS! Let’s not do those again for a few days…months.

  6. Poor Brody. You are just plain mean sometimes Lindsay!!! Like 250 wall balls in 2 days!?! I can’t even lift my children! JK we love ya. Well… it’s a love/hate sort of feeling 🙂

  7. Well Lindsay, it looks like we need to make a “Pee Pee the Clown” page.
    Brody, it looks as if you need to stop worrying about potty training your boys and concentrate on yourself. I still love ya though!

  8. When I first saw this WOD, I thought to myself “urine” for a hard workout today. I knew “I had to go”. Once I got to the snatches, 1 round of 135# was all I got. Man I was “pissed”! I decided to strip some weight down to 115# so I could keep good form. I didn’t realize I only put 95# on until round 3. I must have been in a hurry, because you don’t have to be a math “wizz” to figure the weight out. Either way I’m glad I did this WOD even though I didn’t finish “number one”. 🙂

  9. Brody…I just about peed my pants just reading your post! What a witty man! Kellie, expanding that line of Crossfit Depends is a great idea. Keep the skull….lose the bow on the men’s line! haha.

    Crossfitters Rock!

  10. Will do Bitty! Judging by Brody’s shorts, grey is out. I think Jerilyn is on to something. Black is always a good color.

  11. I hate my husband. Everyone that is pee. He is just making excuses to stay cool. And how does he get pictures up of me that I have no idea how to change 🙁

  12. So I honestly can’t think of any other group of people who happily admit that they pee a little bit when they work out. I’m totally down with the CrossFit Depends line. But if you make them too stylish, Kellie, they may start to be worn over or without shorts.

    As for other things, I’ve posted something on the discussion board, but I thought I’d throw something out here too: Is anyone else running the Ogden Marathon / Half / Relay / 5K? If so, is anybody interested in CrossFit t-shirts for a showing at the race?

  13. I was so happy there were no wall balls as well, I am OK if we do not attempt those for a few months too, and dead lifts, and sumo squats and OHS’s and…oh goodness I am getting carried away! I will say that after the last two work outs my legs are officialy burned out, its a good feeling in a sort of love/hate relationship way. Oh well see ya all friday at 5pm!!

  14. Kellie…I so thought of your depends line last night when I saw this picture. You are a true visionary. I can see this line being huge across the country with all Crossfitters. This photo should be the poster for why they are necessary!!!

  15. The visual of a bunch of crossfitters wearing big, bulky depends during their workout is hilarious – I can see the SNL skit now! Whenever I see double unders or any kind of jump roping, I have actually thought about bringing in some of my puppy’s “training pads” to put underneath me!

  16. Brody Great pic
    but on another note Elise thank you so much for pushing and cheering me on on Thursday it really helped me finish.

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