04/26/10 WOD

Start them young, enjoy the benefits later.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “I wish I would have done this 10 years ago”,  I have said that countless times myself.  With that said, we are looking to start a kids crossfit this summer.  Please post to comments and let me know if you and your child are interested.



Deadlift- build up to a heavy 2 reps, quickly.

Hip Extension- 3 x 10



3 rounds for time of:

8 power snatches- 115m/75w

10 ring dips

12 toes to bar


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13 thoughts on “04/26/10 WOD

  1. Soooooooooo glad there isn’t running on this one. The brownies I Rx’d at dinner are going to make for a rough day.

  2. I couldn’t agree more …glad there is no running!!! Yes my son will be doing kids Crossfit for certain and maybe my daughter. So excited for it.

  3. Definitely interested in kids crossfit too. Are you going to do another one for the football players again? Hayden loved that last summer. Either way we were planning on this summer again.

  4. Wow, that kid can do more weight then me… 🙂 It depends on the age of the kids, I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old! I beg to differ on the running you guys, those are the only workouts that I do in a reasonable amount of time! Lindsey you can run us to death 🙂 just dont make me do a snatch…hehehe

  5. My son and his friend already started Friday. Does anyone need yard work done so they can earn the money to pay for it?

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