04/27/10 WOD




“Unbroken or Burpees”

1.  40 wall balls unbroken x 4 sets

rest 3 minutes

2.  25 unbroken pull-ups x 4 sets

rest 3 minutes


max effort hill sprints x 4 sets

rest 3 minutes

* there is no time component to this workout, you will rest 3 minutes between sets.  Each time you break during the reps you will add 5 burpees to your total to be done at the end of the WOD.  This workout will be scored by your burpee count in the end.  So if you can do it unbroken your score would be “0”.


04/26/10 WOD Results

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26 thoughts on “04/27/10 WOD

  1. Good Heavens! That is not so cute… I demand that be removed!

    Also, while I am on here, I really liked (for lack of a better word) that gauntlet workout! We should do it again!

  2. if you ladies are talking about removing the entire workout then I am in total agreement with you!! What’s the Option B WOD for today??

  3. I actually loved this one. For a change… No time, no AMRAP, just go as hard as you can unbroken. Unbroken is something I need work on and this was a perfect opportunity. If you want to push a little harder: only rest for 2:00 or less for the first couple rounds and go unbroken. Or be a bad ass like Chase and wear a vest. Crazy bastard!

  4. Intense workout. Unbroken is very difficult for me on pull ups. That is where I got 60 of my 75 burpees. Good workout pushed myself hard. I actually did all my wall balls unbroken and one run up the hill unbroken. Progess is progress. And yes Loraine it is 100 pull ups total. Have fun!!

  5. Thanks Celeste, that is what I was afraid of! I guess I’ll see how it goes tonight, I practiced my pull-ups yesterday so this should be good 🙂

  6. This WOD was tough as hell. That is as close as I have come to meeting “pukie” at the top of that damn hill. Chase is nuts, he was kicking my butt up that hill and he was wearing a vest! Have fun evening classes it is a @ss kicker.

  7. This work-out was pure Evil, but the Burpees give you time (in my case a loooong time) to consider and reflect on the magical joys of the Crossfit experience.

  8. Just wanted to give a shout out to Sam: I am so proud of you for running up the Ogden Athletic Club hills straight all four times without stopping. I’m very impressed. You rock, and it goes to show you what hard work can accomplish.
    Keep up the good work.
    P.S. You look AMAZING!!! and I’m glad to see your dedication is paying off.

  9. I think my forearms just about doubled in size during this WOD. I’m surprised they didn’t explode. I really liked this one though. It was the best mental test yet! I hear we might just be doing more like this. 🙂

  10. Joni got a 0?!? WOW! I am not surprised. You are amazing. I want to be like you 🙂 ok so i missed todays workout and i am sad! That is so so sick. I will look forward to the next time we run hills 🙂

  11. Walt is the definition of CrossFit… he fininshed the workout today with 140 burpees at the end. He put on his wrestling knee pads, with hidden “maxi pads” to do the burpees…THAT IS CROSSFIT! Great job today BIG SEXY! (don’t do that again… I am beat) your little buddy…Stacie

  12. This workout was 100% mental!! I love seeing everyone push harder than they think they can. Thanks Chris and Bitty for counting down my pullups…it helps a ton having someone push you. You girls are amazing throwing at the 20ft mark!

  13. Hey Mindi, was it you that wanted to help with the U-Day 5k run? If it was will you call me. 801-510-3073. What the he**? A 0 Joni! Nice! If that was all mental you have one tough brain! My brain feels fine its the rest of me that cant move this morning.

  14. Geez Lindsay sorry I had to work until 7:15 last night. That WOD didn’t scare me so I went home and did it at my house. It was ok, I’ve had better.

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