04/28/10 WOD


“Burning Rings of fire”

10 Ring Push-ups

10 Archer Push-ups ( 5 each arm)

10 Ring Flyes

10 Wide Grip Ring Push-ups

10 Single Leg Ring Push-ups ( 5 each leg)

10 Pseudo-Plance Ring Push-ups

10 Jack Knife Push-ups

10 Dive Bomber Push-ups

10 Elevated Ring Push-ups ( 5 each arm)

10 Ring Push-ups

 * This can also be done on the floor without rings.


Complete 5 rounds:

Row for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute.

*Row for 1 minute as many meters as you can, rest one minute.
*Continue this cycle for a total of 10 minutes.
*Your score is the total amount of meters rowed – goal is row at least 1500 meters
*Penalty is 1 handstand push up for every 5 meters under 1500 meters


04/27/10 WOD Results

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8 thoughts on “04/28/10 WOD

  1. Archer: do a push up. Go down as usual, and push up as usual… At the top of push up, raise one arm in the air like you’re drawing back a bow.

    Pseudo-plance: it’s just a push up with your palms out instead of the standard hand position.

    Jack Knife: you are kind of on your feet with your butt up in the air… looks like an arch. You do a push up and touch your head to the floor.

  2. ok, I have the workout for all you people that could not go to the gym today…hahaha
    Since I did not have rings I got a 45 pound bar and did all my push-ups with it trying not to let the bar move.
    Then I did treadmill 1 min on/30 sec off X5 and because I was not able to count meters I did 15 handstand push-ups with the help of my husband.

    Ha…so now none of you can take a break 🙂

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