04/28/11 WOD

The good old days!



6 Rounds for time of:

Run 465 m (3 laps)

25 Burpees

– Set up under the pull-up bar or rings that is one foot above your reach for burpees.  Jump out of the burpee and touch the bar for each rep to count.


04/28/11 WOD Results


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4 thoughts on “04/28/11 WOD

  1. I remember when Crossfit first began at the club and I’d be running around the track thinking “what is Crossfit and what are those psychos doing???” Look at how far it’s come (and how many people it’s changed). Nice job to Lindsay and everyone involved.

  2. The good old days Lindsay. You can always tell when a CrossFit picture is old because ladies are wearing sweats and loose t shirts. Newer pics tend to show a little more skin, which is a win win for everybody.

  3. Ha ha thats funny Kade. Look at Candie in the green shorts, look how much she has changed. Thanks to all in the picture that are still going strong.

  4. Man those tires seemed so high back then! Speaking of Candie, she’s probably chucked those shorts in the trash now that she’s got her own CF clothing line. Nice Candie!

    PS. James if you read this, you can’t see me in the background of this photo, but rest assured, I’m still beating you!

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